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Are Food Labels really important? Why you need to start reading them

>> Jul 16, 2018

Packaged foods usually come with nutrition labels that are designed to give you the information that lets you know exactly what you eat. Being aware of what is inside the food you eat is useful for making healthier choices.

Looking at food labels also eases the process of comparing different options and their nutrient content. A healthy diet is an important component of your daily life and paying keener attention to food labels is a worthwhile step towards enhancing your overall diet and wellbeing.

Key Information

Nutrition labels give key information like vitamin, carbohydrate, protein, cholesterol saturated fat and total fat content as well as calories and serving size. Labels also contain the ingredients. This type of information can help you monitor your targets on a daily basis. It also helps you stay away from particular ingredients if you are on an exclusive diet that restricts consumption of items such as dairy or if you have certain food intolerances.

Cutting Back

People typically consume too much added sugar, saturated fat and salt. Checking a food label in order to know how much and what you are actually eating plays a significant role in cutting back on your daily intake. Nutrition labels provide guidance regarding how to achieve your goal of reducing certain components in your diet. Learn more about food labeling software here.

Improving your Diet

Although there is a wide range of nutritious foods, individuals still find it challenging to consume the recommended amounts of the nutrients they need. Checking labels plays a role in determining whether or not you need to increase your intake of certain foods. For example, since brown bread is not always rich in fiber or coloring can be used to create healthier looking bread, it is important to read the label.

Maximizing on Food Labels

It is essential to determine your goals first in order for you to be able to maximize o the value of nutrition labels. For instance, if you want to lose weight, comparing the calories of different options enables you to opt for nutritious low-calorie items to maintain your daily calorie targets.

Serving size information is especially important because the nutrient information that is given on a label is typically more than a single serving. If you have a chronic health issue such as hypertension, it is important to observe the sodium content of food you eat.

Significance of Food Packaging Labels

  • With the onset of diseases and problems linked to poor eating habits, more people are reading food packaging labels. The main role of these labels is to give consumers information about the food’s ingredients and nutritional values.
  • Labels also provide information regarding possible allergens, health claims and the manufacturer. This data makes it easier for people to make decision about the food they eat. Food producers are usually required consult the state’s regulations pertaining to proper labeling.
  •  Packaging labels are crucial for communicating useful information about everything you consume. They serve as guidelines that you help maintain healthier eating habits with information that covers aspects such as recommended daily calorie intake, sources of certain nutrients and where most of your daily calorie intake should ideally come from.

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