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Breastfeeding Accessories: Here Are 10 Must-Haves For New Mothers

>> Jul 10, 2018

Technically speaking, breastfeeding is a simple matter of introducing your breasts to a baby’s mouth, and then sitting back and waiting for the magic to happen. Of course, if you are new to the mothering business, then you’ve probably found the whole prospect of breastfeeding to be a little overwhelming.

You have to fight the urge to abandon the entire process, though. Breastfeeding is an essential component of every child’s growth. More importantly, it does get better.

If you’ve found that the advice of your friends and family is doing little to simplify breastfeeding for you and your child, and if age-old wisdom has all but failed to alleviate whatever aches, pains, and complications you’ve encountered, then the time might be ripe for you to invest in one or more of these items, critical accessories designed to help new mothers acclimate to breastfeeding:

1. Nursing Bra
Nursing bras are a must-have item for breastfeeding mothers and not only because they provide the support your breasts require once the milk begins to flow and they grow in weight. Though, the relief they provide to the back and shoulders is significant.

But even beyond the comfort they offer, nursing bras simplify the breastfeeding process, making it possible for mothers to give babies access to their breasts without completely undoing and removing their bras.

2. Breast Pumps
The breast pump might seem like a luxury item in the first few days or even weeks of breastfeeding. But once your normal life begins to resume, you will appreciate the convenience of having a machine that allows you to collect your breast milk which you can then store for your baby to drink whenever you are away.

Breast pumps make it possible for new mothers to pursue activities away from their young babies without neglecting their breastfeeding duties. The devices can also relieve engorgement.

3. Pillows
As with pumps, some people think pillows are just a luxury. But the best nursing pillows can make breastfeeding a more comfortable process in even the most stressful of circumstances because they will help you prop your baby up to the level of your breasts without straining your back or neck.

4. Nursing Wraps
Busy mothers that are always on the move will love nursing wraps. These items are designed to conceal your baby and your breasts as you breastfeed. If public breastfeeding makes you uncomfortable because of all the attention it attracts, nursing wraps can put you at ease by making the process a little more discreet.

5. Milk Storage
If you decide to purchase a breast pump, you must also be ready to invest in some breast milk storage items. You need to have a space where you can store all the milk you’ve pumped for later use.

Some mothers use plastic breast milk storage bags that will keep breast milk in an optimal state for up to eight days. Other mothers prefer ordinary baby bottles of which they normally require quite a number.

6. Nursing Pads
New mothers always worry about the leakage that tends to accompany breastfeeding. No one wants breast milk to stain their clothes in a meeting at work. Nursing pads are designed to solve that problem. The discs are stuffed inside the bras and used to soak up any milk that might escape the breast. They will help keep your clothes free of embarrassing stains.

7. Creams
Of all the challenges that breastfeeding attracts, few are as stressful and discomforting as cracked and sore nipples; fortunately, the pharmaceutical industry has produced balms and creams that, when applied, should fight the dryness that leads to such ailments.

8. Nursing clothes
Most new mothers are often too busy contending with the challenges that new babies attract to worry about fashion. But the clothes you wear can have an astounding impact on your breastfeeding experience. There is such a thing as nursing clothes; blouses, shirts, and dresses that have either slits or flaps which will enable you to breastfeed your baby without partially undressing.

 Available in both formal and casual styles, nursing clothes are essential for any new mother struggling with the notion of venturing out into the world with their baby.

9. Shells
Breast shells are unique devices designed to deal with nipples that are either flat or puckered or inverted in some way. Such conditions not only make breastfeeding uncomfortable, possibly even painful, but they encourage leaking. Breast shells are designed to resolve such issues.

10. Bag
If you decide to purchase every single one of the items on this list, it only makes sense for you to also acquire a bag that can store them and allow you to carry them all with you whenever you venture out of your home with your baby.

Breastfeeding is almost always challenging for new mothers. The accessories mentioned above might not resolve every single obstacle and irritation you will encounter, but they will make breastfeeding a little easier, not to mention affording you some peace of mind. 

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