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Things to Do When You’re Running Low on Self-Esteem

>> Jul 4, 2018

Everyone’s had one of those days when you want to throw all of your clothes out the window and hole up in your bedroom alone with no makeup and the covers pulled all the way up. The thing is, most of us can’t just get back into bed and spend the entire day shutting the world out. Instead we have to get dressed anyway and go do the same things we do every other day. So how do we push through those low self-esteem days and make ourselves feel better? Take a look at these five easy things you can do to instantly give yourself a boost and feel more positive about your body and yourself.
Put on clothes that you feel comfortable and cute in
You’ve all heard the phrase, “beauty is pain” but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. When you’re feeling down on yourself, try choosing an outfit for the day that you feel comfortable in. Throw on your favorite comfortable, supportive bra, like the ones made by True and Co. and a flowy top. Maybe try that new t-shirt dress you’ve been meaning to try out but haven’t. You will still look adorable but won’t have to be focused so heavily on how uncomfortable your pants are or your bra straps digging into your shoulders.

Try out a mindfulness app
Mindfulness is a hot topic right now and after trying it out, it’s easy to see why. Take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to get better attuned to your own feelings and how you’re experiencing the world around you. It does wonders for quieting down the negative thoughts and puts your mind at ease. There are so many fantastic apps for this available right now.The Calm app offers an introductory set of mindfulness meditations that can really ease you into the practice.

Take a break from social media for the day
According to New York Behavioral Health, “as people use social media sites in their everyday life, they risk overexposure to upward social comparison information that can have a cumulative negative effect on their well-being.”  In short, frequent use of social media lowers self-esteem. So on those days when you’re already feeling low, take a break from the constant rotation of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, repeat and instead leave your phone in your pocket or in a drawer for a few hours.

Write down your accomplishments
Taking the time to write down the things you’ve done for the day, week, month, or year can do wonders for how we feel about ourselves. So often people tend to shy away from talking about their accomplishments and instead focus on the things they did wrong or failed to do. In actively thinking about the things you have done that you’re proud of and putting them onto paper, you are giving yourself a visual representation of your accomplishments and allowing yourself to feel good about them.

Those low self-esteem days can be so difficult to get through. But most of the time, hiding away is not an option. When those days come around, it can be so helpful to have a stockpile of ideas that will get you over the hump and feeling better about yourself.

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