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5 Steps to Writing a Good Research Paper

>> Oct 14, 2012

The moment a student finds out that he has to write a research paper and submit it in a few weeks; he loses his sleep over it. The fact that he has to research and then write down a paper that logically proves his statement makes him want to avoid doing it.

There are several websites that help students by writing their paper for them. But it is common to see a student broke and have no other option but to write their research paper themselves. Those who want to write their own paper can follow the following five steps for a good research paper:
1.   Choose A Topic
The first step in writing a good research paper is to choose a topic yourself for that is interesting and which offers a good research option. Even if the course doesn’t interest you much, there must be something that you like in it and choose a topic that is close to that.
If you choose a topic that you find interesting, it will easier for you to work with it. The research paper is asked so that the professors can understand what you feel about a topic; therefore they would appreciate a topic that interests you.
2.   Research
Once the topic has been chosen, head to the library. If you are not sure how to go about with your research, ask help from your professor or the librarian. While researching, when you find something relevant, make a note of it and always take down the name of the book and page number alongside it. This will help when you are citing on your paper.
Check the reference books mentioned behind all the academic books you read. For a thorough research, you will have to have at least ten research sources. Check online archives for information as well and note the hyperlink and the date on which you had accessed them.
3.   Thesis Statement
While you are researching on a topic, try to formulate your basic thesis question. This will be the topic that you will be addressing in your paper. This is a difficult task, but you will manage with the help of your professors and tutors. This statement needs to be strong to ensure that you have a good research paper.
4.   Make An Outline
As you progress with your research, start making an outline of your paper. This will help you know how to progress with your paper so that it has a logical sense to it. You can spend a lot of finding, shifting around points until they arrange as a cohesive whole. This outline will help you progress quickly when you start writing since you will know which points to address one after another.
5.   Main Sections
Your paper should have three basic sections-- the introduction which addresses your thesis question, the body where you try to prove the statement and the conclusion where you wrap up your argument after making a point.

Following these steps will help you write a flawless research paper and get good grades. Still if you’re between your work and college and are really hard pressed for time, you can consider writing service websites to finish your research paper on your behalf. But do remember, the nearer your deadline, the expensive the rate gets. So, be sure to log your request in the beginning itself.

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