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Teachergive Sale 2023

Fall Shoe Trends – Aesthetics and Style

>> Oct 8, 2012

A stylish pair of shoes is an instant pick me up! Slip on a pair of shoes that are superbly tailored and suit your sense of style and it can make you feel instantly more chic and well dressed. This fall, the emphasis is on heels, colors, bold choices and thinking out of the box when it comes to crafting the perfect pair of shoes. In fact, fall is pointing towards color finding its way into men’s shoes as well. In general, there are a few trends that are hitting shoes this fall and here’s the low down on them to help you get your best foot forward. The very first fall shoe trend is that your boots are back with a bang. 
This fall will see boots reaching ankle length and being combined with chunky heels. The boots will see plenty of colors and even prints inspired by Navajo and other ethnic tribes. Colors like black and brown will reign supreme but so will mustards and greys. Tassles, fringes and buttons are making an appearance on boots and depending on your personal sense of style, you can choose a combination of all this. Suede and leather have made a big time return in the realm of boots. From the return of the boots comes the return of the pumps but this time in a really glamorous avatar.

Pumps are being combined with a varying length of heels and with vibrant colors. Pastels, rich burgundy, bold reds and the ever classic black is coloring pumps. Women’s shoes are seeing a distinct influence from men’s shoes. The classic brogues and oxford are coming in feminine varieties and are inspiring women’s shoes like smoking slippers as well. Even though these slippers are extremely comfortable because they are flat, they are also colorful and vivacious like never before. Animal prints and colours like shades of blue are very popular. Speaking of colors, this fall, shoe trends are seeing amazing use of the palette.

Splashes of neon are finding their way into shoes like never before. So the shoe body could be a sober black or a staid brown but it will take you by surprise with its neon green sole or shocking pink shoe laces. As far as embellishment is concerned, shoes are also getting a whole lot more glittery this fall. Heels, brogues, flats, platform shoes and more are getting glitter – either all over or in specific areas like the tops of the shoes or the toes alone. Studs or metal buttons are also back with a bang. These metal tone studs are coming up in boots, flats and heels and giving the shoes that extra bling factor.

Leading shoe manufacturers are also turning to fur to lift their shoes into magnificent category! Fluffy bundles and even tiny feathers are being fixed to the shoes in various places. These fluff balls are either in the same color as the shoe itself or in total contrast to the same. Sheer is also coming back into shoes. The tops and sides of the shoes are being made totally transparent so you can show off your pretty toes. Prints are making a bold statement this fall. Graphics, images, embroidery and more are drawing inspiration from almost everywhere to embellish shoes with a lot of prints.

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