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The Ciwidey White Crater

>> Oct 29, 2012

How’s your weekend? We had a great one. A close friend invited us (my husband and I) to join her family’s short trip to Bandung (West Java, Indonesia). We started from her house on Friday afternoon.  Since our main destination is the Ciwidey White Crater, we spent the first night at a hotel nearby.
On Saturday early morning, we’ve have prepared to visit the crater. But it’s a foggy morning, a hotel staff advised us to wait for a little longer; the crater won’t be open for public if the fog is too thick. We waited for a few hours. From the hotel, it took only about 20 minutes to reach the destination. The road is smooth enough, but the small and winding road forces you to drive carefully. If you leave from Bandung –the capital city of West Java Province, it may take more than two hours, especially during holiday season and weekend; bad traffic jam can slow you down. 

 The Ciwidey White Crater is a very popular mount tourist destination in the south of Bandung area -located in Patuha mount hillside (about 2194 meter above sea water level). The craters were formed by two huge eruptions that occurred at about X and XII centuries ago. It has been stable and inactive since 1600.

Don’t forget to wear your jacket, especially during coldest days in July-August. It’s my first time to visit this place and I love the beauties that I saw. The White Patuha Crater looks like a smoky lake surrounded by the stone cliff and on the other side, you can see a slope slightly like a beach. I heard that the water could be change depends on the mineral there -sometimes it is white, green or blue. I saw the water was blue last Saturday.

Though the place is very unique and beautiful, you aren’t suggested to spend hours there. The sulfur smell can make you feel dizzy and thirsty.

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