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Is Water Fluoridation the Solution for Healthy Teeth?

>> Oct 9, 2012

Your teeth are an important part of your life, but like many other important things, they can often be subjected to neglect and don't always receive the care they deserve. In fact, so many outside factors influence the condition and health of our teeth, can we really make an impact in protecting them JUST through daily brushing and flossing? While it is entirely true that daily brushing and flossing are one of the biggest factors in teeth health which we have direct control over, there are other forces out there that are working to protect our teeth.

Recently the city of Portland, with direct support from the ADA and the Oregon Dental Association, decided to vote in favor of water fluoridation. This is excellent news for local Portland residents as studies show water fluoridation being effective in reducing tooth decay by 20 to 40 percent.

Dentists around Boston also support water fluoridation but understand that there are roadblocks in the process of implementing fluoride into the city's water supply. Since 2005, the powdered sodium fluoride has clogged filters at the city's water plant, much to the befuddlement of city workers. This has made the ability to measure how much fluoride is being added to water very difficult, ultimately leading to the decision to stop fluoridation in early 2009.
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Fluoride is also an incredibly useful tool of cosmetic dentists. The Local Boston dental practice, Dental Partners of Boston has said, "Regardless of whether or not fluoride is being used in water, individuals should be treating their teeth with fluoride when they brush their teeth. There is also alternative forms of fluoride sources in the form of over-the-counter treatment kits, or when visiting your dentist."

While water fluoridation has become more common through the United States all dentists can agree that the importance of applying fluoride to your teeth is paramount, and should be done regardless of whether or not it is through drinking water.

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