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Arora Matrimony- An Occasion Marked with Fun and Excitement!

>> Oct 20, 2012

The beauty and sanctity of marriage is experienced once in a lifetime and it holds a very special place in everyone’s hearts. This ceremony is believed to be one of the most auspicious occasions in any religion and has been practiced since time immemorial. In India, issues like matrimony are generally decided by the elders of the family and community. In the Indian culture, marriages are meant for the lifetime. In case of the Arora matrimony also, the marriage is a union for life .The wedding rituals and traditions that are followed are more or less similar to the other Hindu communities. Aroras are a group of Punjabis who follow Hinduism as a religion. A lot of Sikhs also belong to the Arora community and the customs and the traditions followed in the matrimony also vary from place to place.

Believed to be hailing from the Indo- Aryan community, a significant population of Aroras can be found in the Punjab and North India regions. According to the different states in India, there are variations in the celebrations of their matrimony as far as the rituals and traditions followed are concerned. The wedding rituals reflect the Punjabi culture and also carry the same flavor.

Both the bride and groom in the Arora community share a bond of lifetime. They take vows to remain faithful to each other and to take care of each other lifelong.  Values like honesty, faithfulness, honesty, etc are cultivated in them since their childhood. This is the reason that when they get married they take these values very seriously and work very hard to make their marriage successful.

Arora matrimonies like most marriages follow certain customs and traditions and their weddings have pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding ceremonies. Their wedding is an occasion full of fun, laughter, happiness, joy, excitement, music, dance, etc. All relatives, distant cousins, friends and known people gather and shower blessings on the bride and groom for their happily married and blissful life. They organize their marriages with great pomp and show. There is lot of fun, dance and music and everyone enjoys the ceremonies to the fullest.

Arora marriages are marked with proper traditions and customs that strongly reflect the Punjabi culture. Ceremonies like engagement, exchange of garlands, wedding rituals, and wedding reception are an inherent part of their marriages. Ahuja, Bajaj, Banga, Batra, Baseeja, Mendiratta, Munjal, Mongia, Gulati, Nirula, Raheja, etc are the few of the surnames used by people of the Arora Community.

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