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Green Pool Water: Not the Best Choice for Party Pool Dye

>> Oct 18, 2012

Just when you think you've seen it all when it comes to pool accessories some new creative product designer has yet another lightbulb go off in their head. So now party pool dye is the latest rage for social events centered around a swimming pool. Green pool water however, is not a recommended choice.

The problem with green pool water is that your guests will tend to assume that its algae that's causing the color change. Even if you tell them that it's not, people just have a natural inhibition towards swimming in green pool water because of the of the algae issues. So then now this information in you hand, it's time to go through the color selections.   

Just like green pool water, brown or any other similar dark colors are a bad choice. It's the same thing with brown pool water as it is with green, in that too many of your guests are going to make the connection between brown water and some type of pollutant. People just don't like to swim in brown water and that's just they way they are.    

So then what about yellow pool water? Once again this is a bad choice and you don't have to look too far in your home to see where people get their aversion to swimming in yellow water. Just step into your bathroom and there is. It's your toilet bowl! That's the reason behind yellow water being such a big turnoff for so many people.    

So now you might be beginning to feel that you're a bit limited in terms of your creative license when trying to come up with a nice colored tint for your pool. In truth, you really are. There just aren't that many colors to choose from because due to the lack of popularity of so many of them, only a couple are produced.   

By far the most popular color for a party pool dye is the one that you'll have the least amount of trouble finding online.  It's blue! That should really come as no surprise because people just tend to equates blue with the color of cleanliness. Clean sky is blue and it's the same with water.    

So then what's the next popular color that you can easily find for sale online when it comes time to dye your swimming pool water? Would you believe that the color is red? Well it's true. After blue, in terms of popularity, the color red is what the vast majority of people gravitate towards when it comes time to give their pool a festive look for a special occasion.   

It's holidays like the Fourth of July or Christmas when people like to use the color red. Red is the color of fireworks when they're set off and red has also has been worked in so well to the classic Christmas color scheme. Now there is always the option of blending the blue and red together to make purple pool water, but if this were a popular color it would be readily available.  

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