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A Look into the Best Pregnancy Weight Loss Guides

>> Oct 27, 2012

So you are up to sneaking some time out of your busy schedule as a new mom and fleeting through pages of your pregnancy guide book to check out how to lose the extra weight you have gained and get into all those pre-pregnancy favorite attires of yours. Just like gaining weight during and post pregnancy is a result of nine months of caring for yourself and your baby inside, shedding it off should also be undertaken gradually, instead of being impulsive and rushing into a fad diet. Take a peek into these tips from some of the best pregnancy weightloss guides as you embark on the weight losing regime.

Equip yourself with enough tidbits- As you breastfeed your baby, you lose as much as 500 calories a day and to suffice for the lost energy, you require keeping some snacks handy to munch and treat your stomach with every time you feel hungry. For one thing, going too hungry will lure you towards sugary foodstuffs which will lead to weight gain instead of losing it. Moreover, when you deprive your tummy from its required fuel, your body uses up the stored fat to survive. Keep things like nuts and popcorn or simply make some healthy snacks with boiled sweet corn spruced with a pinch of salt and pepper to satiate your hunger.

Resort to smaller, frequent dishes - You might think this to be weird but the fact remains that a dish of smaller size will make you eat less. Of course this does not mean you should go hungry by having a few morsels. Eating small quantities in frequent intervals is a great way to keep your stomach full while checking on your weight.

Accompany breastfeeding with diet and exercise- Studies show that new mothers who indulge in absolute breastfeeding are likely to lose weight faster than those who combine it with formula feeding. In order for your body to prepare the necessary milk supply for absolute breastfeeding it requires about 330 calories more daily. And many a time, it utilizes up the stored fat to make up for the excess energy requirement. This results in weight loss which is more of a permanent nature.

Finally, ask a friend to accompany you to the gym. The very thought of getting dressed and taking out your car to visit the gym might make you feel lethargic, especially when you are already too fatigued running behind your baby the whole day. Therefore, instead of procrastinating your work out sessions, ask a friend to join along with you or simply accompany you to the gymnasium. This way, even if she is not working out, she can look after your baby while you do your job.

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