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Private Health Options to Meet the Needs of Today's Patients

>> Oct 31, 2012

There are many reasons as to why more people are using private medical services, instead of relying on the overburdened National Health Service. This article will discuss some of these reasons and also outline the different options that are available privately to meet the needs of patients.

NHS versus Private Care:

With the NHS becoming more over used and many jobs being lost across the sector, it seems that private health services are more viable than ever before. Like the National Health Service, private care is available for any type of condition, if not more, as private health care can provide cosmetic services usually unavailable on the NHS. There are also few waiting lists in private care and unlike the NHS, patients are usually able to choose the date for non-urgent procedures, rather than being told when it will be done.

Many people now choose private healthcare to receive a second opinion, as they are not happy with the outcomes given by the NHS or some patients prefer to choose their own consultant, a choice that is unavailable in the NHS. Depending on how care is paid for, patients may also be able to choose which private clinic or hospital they wish to have their procedure carried out at.

Obviously for many patients, the main consideration about private health is whether they can afford it. A considerable number of employers now offer discounted health care packages for their employees or some individuals choose to pay into their own private health care plans. This means that private care is no longer just for those who are perceived as being 'rich'.

For those who require operations, they may want to consider what facilities are available in a private hospital or clinic, just in case there are any complications during the procedure. It is also important to find out what aftercare may be required and whether this will also need to remain with a private provider. Local NHS services may not be obliged to deal with additional treatments or care required after private procedures. Private patients should also consider whether they can meet the costs of additional private aftercare or costs that may arise if they need to stay in hospital for longer than expected after a procedure.

Walk-In Private Services:

Walk-in medical centres are now available, offering pay-as-you go services such as health screening and treatment for minor injuries. These usually offer the option for referral to either an NHS or private hospital for further treatment if required.

There are many other services available through a clinic such as Pall Mall Medical. These include providing medicals that may be required for travel and visas, or medicals that are essential for certain occupations, such as driving.

Corporate Private Care:

Private care is also able to offer corporate healthcare that offers regular screening for a workforce. Because these are individual packages, it ensures that care services are designed to meet the specific needs of each individual company.

Ilena Sanchez writes regularly on medical services for a number of websites and blogs. Ilena enjoys climbing and cycling in her spare time and now prefers to use a private clinic rather than NHS services to deal with her regular climbing injuries.

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