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Teachergive Sale 2023

Lightweight Caftans with New Designs

>> Oct 12, 2012

Fashion designers are always working hard to come up with something new and refreshing. One almost new dress that has arrived in the market these days is caftans for women. Especially for summers, this dress came up with a bloom of new trend in the market as it is light in weight and easy to carry. Top designers and designer retail stores also considered it as one of the fashionable dress of the season as it is mentioned earlier that it is lightweight clothing and easy to go in summers.
Designer caftans can be worn in variety of ways and by different types of women of different body shape. For example, if you are tall and slim then it will definitely highlight your figure and thin legs and if you are fat with heavy upper chest and flabby upper arms and waist line then also it will cover all the fatty areas of your body and will give an elegant look to your body. It will attract more shapely parts of your body and will also suit women with larger upper thighs.

Another very important reason of wearing such designer caftans is that it is light in weight and very easy to carry in summers and will suit every occasion of this season. For example, Caftans of neon floral print will make an amazing day time dress, it will suit you if you are relaxing in a backyard or having picnic with friends or family. Evenly, white colour also beat the heat and thus, will help you making your day. Alternatively, if you are wearing a black coloured caftan or some plain dark coloured caftan also then it will make your evening an amazing one, especially if it is combined with awesome accessory.

Designer caftans are not only comfortable but also stylish and look very trendy in summer season. It appeals a range of body shapes of the women flattering with curves. Moreover, it is a versatile fashion item and sets a trend in the fashion industry.

Caftans originated from a traditional lifestyle and fashion trends of few Middle East Countries but yet it is modified as per the new trends and demands of the people. Although, it mostly covers the whole body but still there new designer caftans which are designed keeping new trends in mind and are less conservative. The one which are designed today are more colourful as compared to previous one and are introduced with more elegantly designed patterns.

Apart from long sleeved caftans, halter and spaghetti strapped caftans are also available these days in the market. In fact, the sleeves and neckline are not the only one which is changed in the designs of caftan but the whole length of the caftan is changed these days. There are variations in the designs of caftan right from neck to ankle.

So ladies! Get yourself a dress designed by a designer and purchase a gorgeous caftan for you without thinking twice about your shape and size.

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