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Teachergive Sale 2023

All about Pandora Jewelry

>> Oct 21, 2012

For all those beautiful woman out there, Pandora brings its cauldron full of beads and charms to make your own unique style jewelry. The Danish company, which originally came to being in the year 1982, began its journey into success with its first charm bracelet being launched in the jewelry market; winning immense wows and accolades from its women customers. The designers of the unique Pandora jewelry through their immaculate creations of beads and charms seek to uphold and celebrate special moments of the wearer, while keeping up the spirit of hope as witnessed in the actual Pandora’s story.
Features of the Jewelry
The beads and jewelry from Pandora are not like your common pearl or diamond jewelry sets. Just like Pandora’s Box in the mythological tale, the jewelry opens up opportunities galore to experiment and customize your adornments in accordance with your taste or to celebrate special occasions of life. The threading system of all bracelets and necklaces from Pandora is distinct too with three parts making up a single piece and every bead within them possessing additional threads inside which enable you to insert any number of beads you wish to. You can choose from either dazzling 24 Carat gold or silver with its shimmering aura along with scintillating diamonds and precious and semi-precious gems and stones to accentuate the look. One can also opt for Murano Glass for an elegant look. Another distinctive feature of Pandora bracelets are the clips and spacers which are used to support the beads by preventing them to come off as well as distributing their weight equally.

How to Identify the Jewelry from Pandora
As with all other world-class, branded companies, there have been imitators who have tried to counterfeit Pandora’s array of jewelries. If you are wondering how to tab and distinguish a real Pandora from a feigned one, here are some tips for you to identify the same.

  • Look out for the Hallmark Sign- One of the surest ways to identify Pandora necklaces, bracelets and beads is to scrutinize for the Pandora Hallmark which will bear “ALE” sign signifying the initials of the father of the founder Per Enevoldsen. If you are shopping for silver jewelry they will bear the number 925 along with the above initials, while gold jewelry have 585 on them.
  • Check for Authorized Retailers- Pandora jewelry cannot be sold by all retailers. To ensure that the retailer you are purchasing the jewelry from is authorized by the company, you need to check into Pandora’s website which has all details of retailers according to region.

Finally, Pandora jewelry uses Murano Glass which is hand-blown and can be easily distinguished from counterfeited painted glass beads.

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