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Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Painting Contractors

>> Oct 12, 2012

If you have some painting projects which need the help and expertise of painters Dublin, you need to be wise with your choices. You certainly would not want to be one of the many people who have had many regrets with painting jobs that ended up in disaster. Getting the right contractor is more than just finding the cheapest person or company. You need to focus more on quality and not the cost. Remember that if the price is cheap, that is probably the same service you are going to get, cheap.
What are the mistakes which you should avoid when hiring painting contractors?

  • Ignoring warning signs. It is important to pay attention to warning signs when you choose a contractor. Does the company return your call promptly? Do they answer your questions without losing patience? Do they have a lot of work? Do they have repeat customers? Do they make you feel that you are valued? If you hear warning bells go off, turn around and look for another contractor.
  • Agreeing to vague statements. Whatever your agreement is with the painting contractor, everything must be written on paper. It is not a smart decision to just agree on things verbally. Never settle for a price without knowing what work is involved.  Aside from getting an estimate of the entire job cost, you should also be getting a list of the things which the painting contractor will be doing, such as taping, sanding, cleanup and other things.
  • Forgetting clean-up. It can be very inconvenient to have to clean up after a painting job is finished. Make sure that your contractor also removes the tape, puts the landscaping back in order and removes the refuse.
  • Forgetting warranty.  Warranty is vital for any job, including painting. A contractor must stand behind his work. If you are not pleased with his work in any way, he should resolve to correct mistakes or to make his work acceptable to his customers.
  •  Choosing the cheapest paint. It can be very tempting to try to save a few bucks by opting for cheap paint but you have to remember that when you pay cheap, you will get cheap. Opting for a cheap paint might also cost you more money in the future because you will have to redo the painting job. Not only is that expensive, it is also quite a hassle to have to do the same thing twice.
  •  Not doing your research.  If you want to get the best deal possible for your money, you must be prepared to put in hours of research. You need to look for the best painting contractors in your area and ask them for quotation, as well. Comparing the prices, as well as the services offered will give you your money’s worth.

A painting job done right saves people time, money and a lot of worries. Remember to avoid these costly mistakes which we have enumerated and you will be sitting in your newly-painted house or office, delighted and satisfied with the results.

Article by Sylvester Joyce is a freelance writer who enjoys home improvement, she writes about Painters Dublin.

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