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Relationship Repair: How Driving Fast may Benefit Your Relationship

>> Oct 6, 2012

Relationships are tough. But when you are placed in a challenging situation, such as driving a tank in a war zone (filled with flying paintballs) you have the chance to work out your frustrations and rekindle the spark with your loved one in a new and unique way. This post will talk about how driving can help your relationship blossom again.

A relationship can quite logically be compared to the act of driving. You have to be able to assess the road conditions, and proceed with caution when an explosive situation lurks ahead. You also have to be able to discern when it's safe to accelerate and shift into another gear. Relationships can truly be frustrating, and it requires well developed skills and techniques to navigate through the various situations that arise at varying times. The faster you are able to navigate or make a decision regarding what to do in each situation, the better the relationship will fare.

Speed driving is very beneficial as it helps to develop your accuracy, finesse, and a cool, calm spirit even in the midst of trouble. These are priceless qualities in any relationship. When the roads ahead are clear and open, you can put your foot on the accelerator and enjoy the ride. Even then, you have to be mindful and maintain a speed that will cater to your safety as well as to that of others. Remember that somewhere along the road you will encounter traffic, and you would do well not to plow into it.

If the road ahead is wet and slippery, you will need to proceed with caution. Any good speed driver understands that there are times when speeding is just not appropriate. Similarly, any good partner will understand when the conditions in the relationship require a reduction in speed and a slow, careful maneuver to make it through. At this point, your partner will determine how fast you will proceed. Even though you are the driver behind the wheel, you must respect the other party. Picture yourself in a car race making it around a bend, all the cars cannot go around at the same time, the steepness in the arc of the bend and the number of cars vying to go around the bend will cause you to slow down and wait for the perfect opportunity to surge ahead.

As you seek to create, or take advantage of any little opening that may present itself, you are quite aware that one wrong move, and coming off the bend at the wrong time could spell devastation for you and your fellow drivers. You may end up plowing into someone and trigger a multiple collision that takes out several cars.

As a speed driver, even in situations where everything seems to be moving at a rapid pace, you will be able to quickly assess a situation and make some effective decisions. You may be a fast driver, but you are aware that anything can present a challenge and change the conditions of the road surface you are on. This knowledge makes you aware that you are not invincible and cannot plow your way through situations. A fast driver is focused on getting from point A to point B, and will negotiate road conditions with accuracy, finesse, and a cool, calm spirit. If you have not yet developed the skill of fast driving, there are facilities that offer driving experience days where you can live your dream of learning and practicing some fast driving.

Guest post contributed by Neil Hilden on behalf of Wish.co.uk. Neil is a freelance writer and automotive enthusiast. He enjoys sharing his insights on various auto blogs.

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