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Septic Tank Cleaning Tips

>> Oct 5, 2012

A lot of people might not be paying the right amount of attention to their septic tanks but its maintenance and preventative care will help you save thousands of dollars in the long run. As absurd as it may seem, your relationship with your septic tank is similar to falling in love.  When you first move into your home, you will see nothing wrong with your septic tank. The previous owners of the home, or the people who had installed made sure it is working fine. You are delighted with your septic tank for a few months but after quite some time, you start having problems.

Just like a relationship, it will take some planning to ensure that things do not get out of hand. Your septic tank also needs a lot of planning.  One of the simplest plans to make sure that your septic tank remains clean and usable for a number of years is to put septic tank treatment in place.  There are various products today which can be used for septic tank cleaning.  They will keep your tank system, as well as drains, healthy and clean.

There are various contractors which you can hire to clean your tank.  It is always a good idea to be present during cleaning to supervise the work.  In order to be able to extract all the material from the tank, it is vital to break up the scum layer and to mix the sludge with the liquid from the tank.  This can be done by pumping liquid from the tank and injecting it again in the bottom of the tank. Tanks today are built with large central manholes and this is where it should be pumped. Do not, I repeat, do not pump a tank through its baffle inspection ports, this will only lead to damage.

Divert rainfall away from the septic drain field. This is because a drain field which is wet will not be able to absorb as much liquid and it will also not be able to neutralize liquid.  It is a must to plan where you will be putting your gutters and foundations. Do not overload your drain field and septic tank. You can avoid overloading your septic tank by reducing the water levels of your laundry, using a displacer to reduce the amount of water and reducing the nozzles on your showers.

Keep trees away from the tank. Trees which have aggressive roots should be farther away from regular trees.

How will you know if your tank needs cleaning? You only need to look at the thickness of the floating layer of scum and sludge. The thicker they are, the more urgent cleaning has to be done. These indicators should never be ignored. Pay attention to them all the time.

As the homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that access port covers, as well as septic tank covers are always in good condition and are completely safe. Easy identification of your tank is not very difficult to do if you mark the location of the tank.

Article by John Joyce is a freelance writer who enjoys home improvement & plumbing, Grease Trap, he writes about Septic Tank Cleaning.

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