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A Wedding is an Expensive Affair, just Ask the Father of the Bride

>> Oct 7, 2012

Traditionally it is the father of the bride who foots the bill for the wedding of his daughter. Although times are changing and many families share the cost, there is still a lot to pay for. Wedding venue, wedding reception food, entertainment, wedding gown, bridesmaids’ dresses and myriad other odds and ends which complete a traditional wedding all add up. If you have an A list film star income no problem; if you're income is of more modest means perhaps you should read on…

What does an average wedding and all the trimmings cost?
If you know what an average wedding costs it may be because you have had to pay out for one in the recent past, or maybe in the process of organising one. If you don’t know and are prepared to find out, make sure you're sitting down first. The average cost of a wedding in the UK at the last count was somewhere in the region of £20,248.00 in 2012. Thank goodness that there are bank loans which can be arranged to take up the slack if you run out of money.

Whatever you do don’t put the cost on a credit card, even if it is only a few hundred pounds. Bank loans are the most cost effective and cheapest method of borrowing money other than borrowing it from a relative, but seriously how many people have relatives with that much cash on the hip ready to loan out? Given that interest rates are at historically low levels bank loans are now better value than they have been for many years.

Forget the wedding - be scared of the honeymoon
If you thought the cost of a wedding and all the trimmings on the day was an expensive item, don’t even think about the honeymoon. Thirty five years ago a weekend away in Norwich or some other provincial town would have sufficed, or maybe a week on the Isle of Wight. Nowadays it is the Maldives, Dominican Republic or other exotic destination which beckon and a honeymoon there wouldn’t be complete without:

     Swimming with dolphins
     Snorkeling a local reef
     Learning to scuba
     Sightseeing the local ruins, temples or markets
     Champagne breakfasts

These items and more cost money and increasingly the cost is being shared round between both sets of parents and the bride and groom themselves, such is the expense. Rather than have a wedding list many couples prefer to have a cash contribution which they can use to pay for the honeymoon or other wedding expenses.

You could say don’t be too extravagant but for more and more people their wedding day is the one special day they can look back on together with their honeymoon holiday and say they did it their way, before reality sets in and kids come along.

If you can pay for it outright with cash you're probably one of the lucky ones and all power to your wallet. For everyone else there is the option of bank loans from your local friendly bank to spread the cost and keep your stress levels low. 

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