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Benefits of Swing Sets for Children

>> Oct 3, 2012

Swings are among children’s favourite things. Swings are ubiquitous in playgrounds and you will see children of all ages playing and having fun with them. Swinging on the set is one of the greatest joys of childhood. They provide children with exercise, fresh air, fun and enjoyment. Whether at the beach, playground or their own backyard, swings are a hit with children of all ages, even adults.

In rural areas swings are simple. They are often made of rubber tire and rope and they are hung on trees. In modern playgrounds swings are elaborate and are made with expensive and sturdy materials. However, the swing’s attraction and benefits to children remain the same.

Physical Benefits
Swings, one of the most popular playground equipment, are one of the best ways to fight and prevent obesity in childhood. It promotes outdoor exercise which engages all the muscle groups and burns calories. Just the act of pulling back and pushing forward with the use of the legs gets the hamstrings and quadriceps moving too. The hips and the knees will also have better endurance.

Social Benefits
Outdoor play or playing amidst a natural setting is crucial to the development of a child’s social skills. Swinging will relieve stress, help keep off excess weight and teaches the child to interact with other children. Exposure to all these things will help make the child a well rounded person and will also teach them how to value and love Mother Nature.

Emotional Benefits
Swinging gives children time for unstructured play so that they have an avenue just to be kids and be themselves. It gives them time to be imaginative and creative. They can pretend to be whoever or whatever they want to be. Children can process what they have learned during the day while swinging alone or with other kids their age.

Swing sets are simply a must in any playground. The benefits which can be derived from it is simply too great and too important to ignore. There are various manufacturers of swing sets today and they come in a wide range of prices. It is important that you choose a swing set which is durable. After all, little children will be using it and you would not want little children getting into accidents.

It is important that you do comparison shopping before spending your money on a swing set. Swing sets can be made from the same materials but they may not have the same prices. Swing sets can be bought online or from your local store. There are advantages and disadvantages to buying online and offline.

Buying online is very convenient because you will not have to leave your house for your purchase. With credit card, you can pay for your purchase and it will be delivered right at your doorstep. However, you will have to wait for a number of days, depending on your location, before you can get the swing set. 
On the other hand, if you buy from your local shops, you can bring the swing set with you when you go home.

Article by Jenny Joyce is a freelance writer who enjoys exploring children’s playgrounds, she writes about Playground Equipment.

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