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Maps and Scrolls - Eye Candy for Your Walls

>> Oct 11, 2012

Hanging maps and scrolls is eye candy with a difference. Authentic retro reproductions painstakingly copied from original maps and cartographers drawings they have a classic timeless appeal. As an interior design statement they have always been popular but lately, there has been a surge in popularity. Is it because we hanker for less frenetic times, or is it because true class never goes out of fashion? 

I love Paris in the springtime
Actually for all intents and purposes Paris in the springtime isn't quite as romantic as we are led to believe. It can be a cold, dreary place and anyone who has a love of Paris will know it can be a less than joyful place to visit in early spring. Thankfully, Paris has some wonderful places to visit on cold, damp days. One of the most visited monuments in France is the immediately recognisable from the map in the image.

In the centre of these authentic models of one of the original maps, the detail of the Ile de la Cite and the Ile Saint-Louis is exquisite. The former of these two islets is home to one of the most beautiful examples of French Gothic architecture and one of the most famous (if not THE most famous) churches in the world. These fortified islands in the middle of the River Seine meandering gently though the centre of this vast metropolis rise majestically, and probably little has changed from when the original map was created.

Take a closer look at the detail on the map and you will clearly see it is Paris if you know the topography of this ancient city. Clearly the skill of the topographers and map makers of the era, this one being a fine copy of an original dated circa 1739 is clear for all to see and has been faithfully reproduced on these authentic models. The originals were probably created on the instructions of the city elders of the time, and are fine examples of the cartographers’ art. They would have been in production for an almost unbelievable length of time before the final map was ready for publication.

Continuing the French theme
Fine copies of maps, manuscripts and scrolls add a certain je ne sais quoi to any style of interior décor and something you can be proud of. These fine reproductions of maps reflect the skill of the map makers. This particular iconic piece was originally in production for five years, and it is easy to see why. The detailing is unbelievably fine and intricate with every window, chimney and turret in the cente ville clearly visible. To call this a remarkable piece of work is to wonder at those map makers from centuries past and admire from a distance their skill, patience and attention to the finest detail. Such a piece of work nowadays would be prohibitively expensive to create let alone commission, survey and record before being put down in print.

These authentic models are painstakingly recreated to give the owner a beautiful wall hanging and a sense of the grandeur of ancient times. As homage to the map maker they have little in the way of competition and will enhance any interior décor style.

Graham Green is a freelance writer and blogger, and has a love of old books and AuthenticModels of historical maps, manuscripts and scrolls. 

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