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Focus! Focus! Focus! - 5 Tips for Better Productivity

>> Oct 27, 2012

If you want to be productive, you must be able to focus on your work, no matter what your distractions might be. But though some people can manage to get the work done despite the distractions, there are many others, who cannot.

These distractions, in the form of your colleagues, family, children, Internet, social networking sites and many others, while welcome, prevent you from focusing on the work. So, when you are working, shut down your distractions and just work. Given below are 5 tips to help you block out the distractions and focus on your work.

1.          Switch Off Internet – Switching off the Internet depends on how much of your work is online. If you can do without the Internet, it is best to switch it off. The best thing to do is to disconnect completely so that you don’t receive any notifications or are tempted to go to the social networking sites and maybe gaming sites as well. For me, it works best when I just block my access to www.cookinggames.net, Mario games sites and other gaming sites to which I’m otherwise hooked. They make me lose track of time and waste endless amount of time. The solution may sound extreme but you will agree that if you do not go to the Internet time and again, you will be able to get more work done and waste less time.
2.             Turn Off Notifications – Well, if you have disconnected Internet, then this tip is not for you. But if you need the Internet to work, then you have to turn off any notifications –email, messenger or social networking site. Because, if you continue to get notifications, then you won’t achieve anything. In fact, you can make use of the ‘Push Mail’ in your phone to retrieve batches of mail after a preset time of maybe 15 minutes or half an hour.
3.       Make Use Of Utilities – No, these are not your home utilities but those available to let you use the Internet only for a specific time or block any messages. Make use of “Time to go”, a utility that lets you surf only for a preset time. This is very useful if you do not have any self control. You can also make use of Kiwi Cloak or Invisibility Cloak to block certain sites on which you waste time.
4.           Headphones – One of the best ways, which seems to work for a majority of the people, is the use of headphones. Switch on some music that helps you to focus on your work and block out the outside world and its distractions. Music works for most people and for some people it can be some talk.
5.            Work On Minimal Programs – Programs like Google Docs, WriteRoom, Writer and others compel you to focus on your word. You cannot format on them immediately but then, formatting can always be done later. Meanwhile, the thing is to get the work done and out of the way. Make sure that you are working on full screen so that you are completely focused on your work.

These are a few tips that can help you focus. You can also try to clear your workspace of all clutter and have a break time to deal with distractions. It can be 10 minutes of half an hour but when you get back to work, make sure that your productivity is not affected.

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