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8 Benefits Of Wooden Toy For Kids

>> Jan 18, 2018

In the present time, we are mostly surrounded with electronic items. Letters have been replaced with emails. We use messaging services like WhatsApp for gossiping purpose. Likewise, toys are also being replaced by mobile apps and electronic gadgets. So, if you want to make your kids feel connected with the natural elements then you should definitely consider purchasing wooden toys for your kids. Some of the advantages are mentioned below.

Why purchase wooden toys for kids?
1.   Wooden toys do not age- Yes, wooden toys never go out of fashion, even if they get a decade old. This is the reason why such toys are passed on to the kids by their grandparents as well as great-grandparents. Three or four decades ago, wooden toys were most preferred methods used for learning. Even though there are many electronic gadgets available for learning purpose these days, but they cannot matchup to the charm of the wooden toys. The classic feel of the wooden toys never fade out for sure. No doubt, learning through such toys is always quite a fun thing to do.
2.   Wooden toys last really long- The durability of wooden toys can make even the best quality electronic gadgets look pale. Like we know, children are inquisitive by nature, and they often handle their toys in a rough manner. This is the reason why it is quite normal to see broken pieces of toys scattered around where kids play. So, if you want to spend your money on the right kind of educational materials then wooden toys are no doubt the best ones. They are so durable that even rough handling by the kids won’t break them.
3.   Wooden toys do not become boring- When kids grow up, they often leave behind their toys, mainly because the toys no more match up to their maturity level and intelligence. But, this is not the case with the wooden toys. These toys can be used by olden kids too, and the kids can come up with more complex scenarios related to imagination. These toys can also be used for discussing and solving physics and geometry related problems. In this way, your kids will never get bored from these eternal toys.
4.   Wooden toys improve imagination- As a matter of fact, your kids will be able to take control of their toys in a much better way if the toys are made up of wood. Wooden toys like kitchen items, vehicles, household items, and food items encourage your kids to utilize their imagination. Likewise, wooden toys featuring shapes like spherical, triangles, squares, etc. are also unlock the imaginative powers in your kids.
5.   Wooden toys help learn quickly- If you provide wooden blocks based alphabets and numbers to your kids, they will surely take more interest in learning things. In addition, they will also learn the alphabets quickly. The reason behind is simple to understand; when kids play with wooden alphabets, they are able to recognize as well as remember the alphabet or number in a much better way.
6.   Wooden toys are safe- Unlike the electronic devices and plastic-made toys, the wooden ones are quite safe for your kids. When a wooden toy breaks, it hardly forms any sharp edges. Plus, wooden toys do not contain harmful chemicals or toxic paints. In the case of electronic toys, there is always a possibility that the kid might try to chew or suck the part of the device where the battery is located. On the other hand, plastic toys may also cause injury to the soft gums of your kid. So, it is better to stick with the wooden toys.
7.   Wooden toys are eco friendly- When we provide our kids wooden toys; we also bring them closer to the nature in an indirect way. Playing with wooden toys will also cultivate a positive mindset and calm behaviour in your kid. Rather than handing over noise-making electronic toys, you should go for the wooden ones. After all, they are good for the environment too. After your kid grows up, he/she will also show the same respect towards the environment.
8.   Wooden toys enhance hand-eye coordination- Yes, wooden toys can significantly enhance the ability of your kid to use his/her hand and eye in a well synced manner. It is easier and more interesting to build towers with the use of wooden blocks. With improved hand-eye coordination, your kid will be able to solve more complex puzzles. In addition, they will also become more capable of visualizing things.

So, those were some of the benefits of gifting wooden toys to your kids. In the online market, there are many suppliers and online stores available from where you can purchase good quality wooden toys at reasonable rates. A lot of parents buy toy kitchen made from wood, and these toys are really amazing for your kids.   

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