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How to Keep the Peace on Divided Social Media Networks

>> Jan 10, 2018

How to Keep the Peace on Divided Social Media Networks

During elections, viral social topics, and shocking cases that make national news, friends and family may engage in heated debates on multiple social media networks. As emotions and tempers run rampant, it can seem as if it is impossible to prevent these heated discussions or arguments, especially on one's personal account. The comments or messages left behind could be rather embarrassing or hurtful. With a few modifications, social media can be a far friendlier place to visit.

promoting racial equality

Openly Supporting Equality

Equality is a prominent social issue in many countries across the world. As people of different colors, races, and orientations fight for their rights, many people still fight against equality. By supporting particular causes, such as promoting racial equality, one can instill a sense of love and acceptance within their social media circles. Being a loving and supporting individual reduces the risk of outcries or backlash on social media networks.


Muting, Deleting, or Blocking Connections

For certain friends or family members, their opinions could be rather harsh and outspoken; some are downright cruel. Some people might even try to incite hate or arguments, which may warrant deleting or blocking that individual from the account. Others, who simply have unpopular opinions and are outspoken, can simply be muted. Many social networks allow members to hide certain posts from their followers. This keeps those followers from seeing or commenting on posts that they would feel the need to discuss.


Setting Rules for Social Interaction

If things seem to get out of hand often, the account holder can message the offending followers, friends, or family members and request that they refrain from sharing particular opinions on the member's posts. Many people will respect those wishes in the future. For the people who don't, it might be worth removing them from the account or simply muting them on posts and shares.


Steering Clear of Controversy

Some posts might encourage negative reactions from family or friends, and are quite controversial. Political, parenting, social rights, and religious posts can fall into this category. Instead of sharing posts like these, an individual could simply share updates regarding his or her family, inspirational quotes, interesting projects, and much more. Funny summaries of the day's events with the children and cute pictures of pets are always a wonderful way to sweeten up social network accounts. Social media is a wonderful place to connect with friends and family. When things get hairy, many people can be left feeling hurt or betrayed. Instead, keep negative feedback at bay to maintain a happy and loving connection with friends and family.

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Sandra January 10, 2018 at 4:55 PM  

This is such an important topic. Thank you for taking the time to tackle it!

Mas Donda January 11, 2018 at 5:10 PM  

Wow...I really love this swimwear trends. Hehehe.

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