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Teachergive Sale 2023

6 Easy Tips for Planning a Family Camping Trip

>> Jan 8, 2018

The long weekend is just around the corner, and so is that much needed family camping trip! Family trips can be quite daunting, especially with your kids feeling super adventurous to venture out into the wild, partially unsupervised! Planning camping trips with your family isn’t the same as those with your mates; kids require extra attention and care. Such trips should be planned by taking their needs as priority. Fret not, planning it is not at all scary as it sounds! Here are 6 tips you could follow to make that trip the best one you’ve had yet:

1.   Pack Smart
Packing for a trip is by far the most boring task indeed, but the most important too. Keep a bag for each member of the family, and one for the family as a whole. Prepare a list of things to add to this ‘shared’ bag, and have everyone add to that list if need be. A few things the list must contain are-

  • First Aid Kit- for burns, wounds, cuts, and even meds for digestive issues (you’ll be surprised how helpful the last one will prove!)
  • Camping Gear- tents, waterproof and foamy mats, extra screws, sleeping bags
  • The essentials- flashlights, batteries, mosquito repellent, and sunscreen and plastic bags for the waste!

2.   Pre-Book A Safe Spot
Choosing the right site for setting up camp is vital. You may be fine with trekking for miles, but your kids may not. If it the first time for your kids, make sure to get a place close to fresh drinking water, and clean washrooms- they may be uncomfortable in total wilderness. Many camping grounds and national reserves have designated areas for camping, along with the experience of being in the wild. Reservations for these spots can be made online. For utmost safety, get a spot where a group of different families can pitch their tents- in case of emergencies, you can always get help from them.

3.   Eat Fresh
All that exploring can make one very hungry, especially your little ones who go all out over the area due to excitement! You could carry pre-processed foods such as energy bars, canned soup, beans, some candy, etc., but you cannot live off it for all those days! Neither can you consume those sandwiches that are merely far from fresh!

A better option would be to cook something up at the site with specialized camping cookware. There’s nothing like fresh, hot broth to fill your soul during that cold night at the camp!You could get such cookware at TentsAndCampGear.com.

4.   Divide and Conquer
Don’t take it up on yourself to do everything on the trip- split the chores among your family members. Have the kids pick up firewood in the vicinity, or have them clean the plates once you’re all done! This is just like those team building exercises that you do at work! A family that works together is a happy one, and what’s more- your kids will love to take up some responsibility on them! Also, the work gets done a lot faster!

5.   Plan Out the Activities in Advance
In today’s generation of the internet, everyone has become accustomed to socializing over their phones most of the time. Camping trips are meant for being one with nature, and engaging in some family time. Most camping areas don’t have internet connectivity, which is great! Use all that free time off your phones, to play a game of Jenga or UNO cards!Do carry a few board games as well, a kit for treasure hunting, fishing kits and kite flying kits if you’re camping in an open plain. If you plan to go river rafting or hiking, make sure to go with a group of people, with some professional help- this requires prior booking and planning.

6.   Plan with Your Pets In Mind
The whole point of going on a road trip to camp is that you can take your pet along! Your pet/pets are part of the family too! When you’re booking a site or an activity, make sure to get all the information regarding if your pet is allowed there or not. Also take care of packing their essentials, their food and bedding!

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