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Do You Recognize These 5 Early Signs That Show You Need to Call a Plumber?

>> Jan 13, 2018

Most people do not think about their plumbing until it is too late. The only problem with this is that if your plumbing gets bad, it can get really bad and things can get ugly fast. That is why you should be aware of what to be on the lookout for so as to know that your plumbing has a problem and needs to get fixed fast.
Here are some of the tops signs that you should watch out for.

1.   Gurgling

If you hear gurgling sounds from your drainage, this is not a good sign. It is an indication that your plumbing system is clogged and the sewage can back up into your house.

You might hear the gurgling sounds from the dishwasher or laundry machine or when you are flushing the toilet or when you are showering. When you hear this, be sure to turn off the water and call a plumber.

2.   Low water pressure

If your water pressure has significantly reduced, this is not a good sign. It could be an indication that one of your pipes is clogging up, leaking or it has corroded. The issues that could be causing the drop in pressure could be more complicated issues than you can handle yourself, so you are better off calling a professional.

3.   Sluggish draining

If water is not draining as usual, this is a sign that the pipes could be clogged up. Try using a plunger to see if it will make a difference. If not, you can call South Brisbane plumbers to check out the issue as the buildup in the pipes could be major.

Trying too hard to force the water to drain could lead to you doing more damage to the pipes. You can try and remove the aerator and clean it to remove any dirt or mineral deposits from it. This could help to boost the water pressure. But if the pressure remains low even after doing this, then it is time to call for professional help.

4.   Signs of leakage

If you see signs that water could be leaking somewhere in your house, call a professional. Some of the signs to watch out for include mold or mildew growing in certain parts of the walls or floor. Also, you might see wet patches on the walls or around the areas where the pipes run.

In addition, if your water bill increases significantly and you can't explain how, this could be an indication that water is leaking somewhere. You can also turn off all the taps in the house and then have a look at your water meter to see if it is still running. If it is running, then it means that water is flowing somewhere and you better find out where.

5.   Sounds of water running

If you have closed off all the taps but you can still hear water running, this is a problem. It signifies that water is leaking from somewhere. Have a plumber check out the issue.

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