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Skin Benefits of Working Out

>> Jan 4, 2018

People have diverse reasons for working out. Some do it to lose weight, while some do it for a generally healthier lifestyle.  Of course, there are those who are really just passionate about fitness and looking good.

But working out to reap skin benefits? You’re probably shaking your head incredulously, thinking the two ideas don’t quite blend together. Continue reading the rest of the article and you’ll discover that working out does wonders to your skin—so whether you want to complement the skin care services you’re having, or you just yearn to have another reason to hit the gym regularly, here are some of the skin benefits of working out that you should know.
Say Farewell to Toxins

Some dermatologists even declare that working out can be likened to having a mini-facial. Frequent physical activity helps in improving blood circulation. Blood and oxygen extract the toxins out of the body—which includes toxins that clog pores. These clogged pores, consequently, can lead to pimples and blackheads.

When you exercise, your pores dilate and you sweat profusely, which then allows the gunk in your face (such as dirt and oil), to be ejected to the surface. Just make sure that you thoroughly wash your face afterwards, to vanish all traces of dirt.

Less Stress

You’re most likely familiar with this feeling: after you’re finished with your routine and your cooldown activities, somehow, for one reason or another, you feel infinitely better than you did an hour or so earlier, before you started exercising. You deduce that it’s the workout that perked up your mood—and hey, you’re right.

Physical activity releases endorphins (hormones that lead to increased happiness). These hormones then shrink your stress levels, which means less possibility of having acne.

Decrease in stress and the presence of endorphins also reduce cortisol and other hormones that trigger acne. Another fact that you should know: the higher the cortisol level, the higher the chance of collagen collapse. And we are all aware that collagen is very pivotal in keeping our skin healthy and supple.
Glowing Skin

Ever tried looking at the mirror after an exercise, only to be welcomed by glowing skin, as though you’ve just had some expensive skin care service? Yes, you’re not imagining things. The oxygenated blood you get after a workout grants you that healthy, luminous glow.

And then, as mentioned earlier, exercise helps with collagen production—which keeps your skin firm and less prone to wrinkles.
More Relaxed Sleep

It’s much easier to fall into a deep slumber after a vigorous physical activity. A prolonged sleep means your body will have the essential time it needs to repair itself.

Key Takeaway

People often highlight the importance of working out on our cardiovascular system. However, it isn’t just about a more robust heart or a leaner physique—working out can also enhance the appearance and the state of your skin.

You should know, of course, that you won’t see the changes overnight, or after a couple of workout sessions. To wholly reap these skin benefits, your exercise should be regular. And physical activities shouldn’t be an alternative to skin treatment or the skin care services you’re having—the two of them, on the other hand, should constantly work hand-by-hand in harvesting these wonderful perks.

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