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Teachergive Sale 2023

What to Know Before Wearing Hair Weave

>> Jan 11, 2018

What is a new hair style that you really wish to try? If you ask me, my dream is to have a long curly layered hair with bang that similar with the looks of some famous persons whom I saw in online magazines. Don’t you think the same that curly locks with bangs look so adorable and feminine? Beyonce and Rihana often appear at special events in different curly styles and always look stunning. Decades ago, women who wanted to style their hair curly had to go through the long perming process that might harm natural hair. But nowadays, every stylish woman can install curly weave on her strands to get those lovely curls easier and give real hair a break for several weeks from daily styling which commonly involves excessive tension and heat. After the proper installation, you can restyle and dye the hair piece to get the end look that suits you most. Thus using hair pieces also means you protect your real hair from being exposed by chemical ingredients.

curly hair weave
Those mentioned before are some advantages of wearing hair weaves. People especially women with thinning hair and receding hairline problem can get benefit from these hair pieces to have fuller hair with the hairline that looks like your own. If you don’t want others know that you are wearing hair products, you should shop and use only high quality human hair products such as Maxglam hair weave that offers silky natural finish, softness and thickness. Combine the weaves with a frontal or closure to obtain the totally new look.

Still, make sure to wash the hair products and deep condition your scalp before starting the installation. Each application can last for 4-6 weeks and then should be removed. Don’t let it longer on your head since it will lead to hair and scalp problem. I am sure that you don’t want to suffer breaking hair, right?  Therefore proper hair care (at least washing and conditioning twice a week) of the hair pieces and your real hair along with scalp care –if needed- should be done during the application. Give your hair and scalp rest for about a month before the next installation. If you neglect the hair care, your tresses and the hair pieces will turn into a hot mess.
 cheap human hair bundles
Are you still searching good hair bundles? You can find what you need at reliable hair websites such as Maxglam that provides innovative hair weaves in various hair textures which include deep wave, body wave, straight hair, curly hair, loose wave, loose curls, kinky curly and kinky straight. Curls and waves are hit again this year, but straight strands never lose their charms. No wonder if straight weave still becomes fave of many fashionable women.  It’s a kind of very flexible texture of hair piece that allows you creating many styles to avoid monotonous look. Get tons of ideas on Pinterest and appear in different styles as often as you want. 

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