Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

What to Do for Your First Outdoor Party

>> Jan 7, 2018

During cold months right now, you might dream about spending time outside, enjoying a summer evening with your family and close friends. Once the summer really comes, why don’t you you celebrate it by throwing an outdoor party that everybody remembers?  It doesn’t need to arrange a big party but it should be a relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable informal occasion. Summer will come in a few months ahead; you still have enough time to plan and prepare a garden party on your own backyard. If you were not sure what to do since it is your first time hosting a backyard party, take time to read this article.

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Make your home ready for outdoor entertaining

To make a home that is suitable for entertaining guests outdoor, you require a good paved spot, timber decking, canopy or patio area. Whichever that you choose to install or built; it will be a great space for holding your open-air activities. A retractable canopy or awning is an adaptable option if you don’t want to have a permanent sheltered part at the back or side of your residence. Whenever you need a shade, just pull out the canopy!

A neat garden is a must. Maintain your garden in clean and tidy condition so that the guests will enjoy the pleasant view and feel comfy lingering on your backyard. Regularly mow the lawn, weed and trim plants are things to do in keeping your garden looks beautiful. Place some garden lights at the proper positions around to provide adequate illumination.  Don’t let your home outdoor dark since it will attract intruders. Before the party held, ensure that there are no dry leaves, rubbish and bare twigs on the ground.  If needed, you can install a mosquito killer lamp or place potted mosquito repellent plants to make your guests ease all long the party. Peppermint, lavender, basil, rosemary, marigolds and citronella are some top mosquito repellent plants that you might choose. If you have a spacious backyard, adding a water feature would not be a mistake.

If you plan to regularly invite and entertain outdoor your closest people, it will be great to invest in in high quality outdoor furniture and outdoor kitchen that will last long. Nowadays you can find a variety of outdoor set completed with all kinds of luxurious accessories such as cushions, throws and table settings.  Homeowners who love cooking will opt for a whole outdoor kitchen set. If you are not one of those, having an outdoor kitchen which includes a barbecue set, a bench for food preparation and a sink would be enough for you to create a useful outdoor entertainment area.

Creating atmosphere

There are only closest people in your guest list; thus you need to create an atmosphere that suits and makes everyone comfortable. The right decorations, lighting, music, food and drink will help you to set the mood and desired pleasant ambiance.

Your garden will look beautiful at night with decorating lights so use it. Decorate your entrance a bit to inform your guests that you hold a party on the backyard. Place some tiki lights along the side of pathways toward the party area. Surround the trees or plants with fairy lights.  If you collect small bottles, you can apply innovative battery operated lights for wine bottles supplied by Fortune Products to turn them into lovely lighted works of art. Suddenly you have decorative lighted bottles that you can put and hang on some spots to create lovely glows. Just be creative.

Softer lighting and slow, easy-listening music create a relaxed atmosphere that helps people to talk one another and enjoy the food calmly. To add some fun, you can arrange some attractive games to play that able to make everyone smile and laugh.  

Provide the food that easy to serve and eat.  Lots of simple food that still tasty and appealing that you can pick such as various finger food, sandwiches, chips and dips, cakes, pastries, salads, etc. Hot coffee and tea for the elderly, soft drink, fruit punch and a few alcoholic drinks –if needed to meet different faves- will compliment the food.

These steps will lead you to arrange your first and next backyard parties once the warm days arrive. Make the most of your outdoor area and enjoy the summertime with your loved ones!

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