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Flourishing Family Trees

>> Jan 27, 2018

There is something magical about the word “family.” When you hear the word, your mind fills with a perfect image of two individuals and their kids, united by the sacred act of marriage. It fills our mind with a positive image and a warm sensation in our hearts.

This is why the family is important, not only does it fills our mind with joy, but it is a place of refuge. A place that you can return to knowing that at the end of the day everything is going to be okay. When you closely observe a family unit, the ones that are most benefitted by it are the children.

You will never know the pain of growing up with a single or separated parent unless you have gone through the ordeal yourself. Yet, we see that the modern society does not value family as it did before. It is a dire sight to witness families breaking up for issues that might have been solved if the husband and wife just talked through it. No one loses if minor compromises are made, yet they choose to end the relationship there and then. But the ripples of such an action will transgress far beyond the comprehension of those two individuals.

What Have We Missed?

This brings us to the element that catalyzes a family into an unbreakable bond. Something that unites not one, but several families under one shade. Yes, the Family Tree. In this age of families becoming a micro-unit, family trees are given the second seat.

But this is a mistake that you will regret when you travel through the ages of life. A family isn’t just defined by the union of parent and children. The word also means the group under a common ancestor. It is something that we all forget, but it’s one of the fundamental pillars which supports a group of people who are related to each other by blood. It is the trunk that holds many branches or individual families, held firmly by the brute strength of deep roots that lie beneath.

We should genuinely make an effort to get in touch and visit our relatives and cousin spread across the world. No matter how many friends you have, the relation by blood is something entirely different.

Do Not Look For Comfort Elsewhere

The company and the security that you feel with your family is not something that can be easily found with others. If you look at the world two or three generation ago, you will observe something baffling. The marriages used to last a lifetime, family relations and connects spread wide, the family members knew each other even if they were third or fourth cousins to each other.

The family gathering and outings where an occasion of pure joy. Family members cooking for each other, making fun of each other, and sharing crazy stories; those are the occasions which give you the feeling of being part of something bigger than you. It gives you the true feeling and meaning of family: the people whom you can depend on with your eyes closed.
Come 2018; family just means the people at your home.

Revival Is Possible, How It Not Be When There Is Family Involved!

But has all been lost?! As long as love and compassion remain within human hearts, NO! You can still make an effort to search out your relatives. Find them, by all means! Get them together, cook some food, meet and greet each other, say good words.

The tree may sway a lot in the winds of modernization,but it’s far from dead. Isn’t that the magic of family? There is that feeling indoor heart you can’t ignore when you see your precious cousin or relative in trouble, the feeling that says, he/she is family!

Don’t let that part of you go! That part of you that makes you innately human! Family trees are always flourishing, but don’t let the branches break halfway!

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