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Teachergive Sale 2023

Tankless Gas Water Heater: Right for Residential and Commercial Purposes

>> Jan 17, 2018

First things first, what are water heaters? Just like the name suggests, these are important appliances used for heating up the water in both residential and commercial settings. Gas water heaters are therefore water heating appliances that use liquid petroleum gas to heat the water while the electric water heaters simply use electricity.


Though we live in a modern world, there are still folks out there who use the traditional water heating system where water has to be filled in a tank before it can be heated. This is normally a concern, especially in areas where there is huge demand for hot water. For example, for a big family, it would take you more than an hour if all of you were to shower in hot water. But these hassles can now be forgotten thanks to the availability of tankless water heaters in the market today.

That said, it is quite obvious that the traditional water heaters are not such a great choice after all. With the option of going tankless and depending on either gas or electricity, why bother buying a water heating system that has so many inconveniences? As a matter of fact, going tankless will be easy on your wallet not to mention on the environment as well.

Of the two types of tankless water heaters, the gas water heater is gaining popularity by the day. You might wonder why considering that they both serve the same purpose. Well, here are a few reasons why the tankless gas water heaters are the most preferred compared to the electric water heaters:

  •  The gas water heaters are ecofriendly – At the moment, ecofriendly is the word that everyone on the streets is talking about. Well, you can’t blame the people! It is important to ensure that we do not cause harm to the environment in your daily interactions with it. So, it is amazing that the tankless gas water heater is not designed to harm the environment in any way.
  •  Gas water heaters are cheaper – Since these amazing devices depend on the maximum power generated from the fuel, they are cost effective. All in all, the heating system is instant meaning that you will have the pleasure of using hot water whenever required. In addition to this, with gas water heaters, it is easy for you to regulate their temperature, making them extremely convenient for residential and commercial purposes.
  • The gas water heaters are not affected by power interruptions – In case you have a power outage in your residential or commercial property, you can still enjoy hot water flowing down your taps and showers. That said, if you want continuous and uninterrupted flow of how water, then you should consider the gas geysers and not the electric ones.

To conclude, it is quite obvious that the gas water heaters are easy to install, they require less maintenance, are flexible enough to suit both residential and commercial purposes and they are extremely cost effective. All the benefits are all laid out for you in this post, so it is up to you to choose what suits you best.

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