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Additional benefits you must know about naked sleep

>> Jan 18, 2018

Sleeping is one of the most prime things that we do in our lives and it’s important that we get plenty of quality sleep. Regular and quality sleep has an enormous number of advantages a lack of deep, restful sleep causes serious health problems. It feels so good to curl up in bed without any clothes on because we are always taught to sleep in pajamas.  For your quality sleep, you need to find best mattress.

The truth you should know is that you can get additional benefits of sleeping naked? It’s true! Take a look at the top 10 reasons to sleep naked tonight!
1.   It leads to better and healthy sleep:
A good sleep depends on more than the comfort of your bed and your core body temperature is hugely influenced by the fabric of your sleepwear, and your bed linen.Going clothing-free could possibly help the process because when you fall asleep, your core body temperature typically drops and the skin temperature goes up as heat is dissipated from your core to the outside.You don’t want annoying things like getting your shirts or tops twisted every time you turn over or drawstrings to get tangled or pulled on. Insomniacs are often recommended to sleep naked by the doctors.

2.   It makes you feel more free and happier:
Stress can be bad news since it suppresses your immune system and increases the risk of various heart disease, depression and obesity. Just imagine yourself what it would feel like to be lying in your bed, soft, warm, and naked between the sheets. Sleeping naked gets you that kind of feeling and it makes you feel happier overall in all aspects of your life. Sleeping naked boost your metabolism and helps you lose weight. How? It helps burn fat brown calories residing in your body faster by creating heat and its levels are believed to increase at lower sleeping temperatures, like when you sleep naked.

3.   It can help your marriage and can improve your sex life:
Sleeping with no clothes is can be a very arousing habit for couples. When you are cuddling or just sleeping with your arm around their stomach, sleeping with your partner in the nude will allow for skin-to-skin contact which releases copious amounts of oxytocin that helps you feel those good feelings about your partner. Who doesn’t want to feel better about their partner?

4.   Keeps you more active:
Your body cannot bear the tight-fitting clothing, jeans and slinky underwear and at the end of the day your body will be crying out for a breather by night. Your body often sweats around places where your delicates come in contact with your skin such as at the joints or in the natural folds of the skin that gives you bad body odour. Shedding those pajamas and going to bed naked gives your body a chance to “air” and rid itself of body odour and you wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed. 

5.   Sleeping naked can help keep your reproductive organs healthy:
Sleeping with clothes on makes male and female bodies both suffer when temps get too hot for too long which affects sperm quality and reproductive health in men. Happily, for men, sleeping naked keeps testes (and sperm) cooler and healthier if you’re hoping to be a father someday since a higher temperature in the scrotum is often associated with poor semen quality in men.

6.   It will help your skin:
Sleeping naked enables your body produce melatonin and growth hormones. Quality sleep will also be beneficial to your sebaceous glands, your private parts, armpits, and feet which generally are restricted all day and are often covered by multiple layers since the skin can breathe and doesn’t overheat.

7.   Helps you Regulate your Cortisol:
Sleeping naked keeps your body temperature at more optimal ranges which balances cortisol level. Cortisol is a strange hormone in the body which can do all kinds of things and not all of them good. When people sleep in warmer temperature it increases levels of cortisol which can lead to weight gain, increased anxiety, junk food cravings.

8.   Maintains your Melatonin and Growth Hormones:
Sleeping naked keeps your body under 70oF will likewise help your body to control melatonin and other essential growth hormones which protects you from ageing and also helps you to sleep better.

9.      Improves Blood Circulation:
Sleeping with clothes on like elastic waist or that twisted sleeve halts your blood circulation and causes your entire arm to fall asleep. Sleeping naked and you have a happy flow of blood throughout your body!

10.  Sleeping in the summer is more bearable:
Seriously, think about. Sleeping in summer is just not easier if you don’t have air conditioning, then you may find your bedroom a bit stuffy at night. Sleeping at summertime can be tricky to get good sleep while shedding those bedtime clothes can help the bedroom feel more comfortable.

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Saleho January 23, 2018 at 7:46 AM  

istirahat terbaik adalah dengan cara tidur. Bagaimanapun posisi tidur, tetap saja memperoleh manfaat dari tidur itu sendiri, istirahat terbaik untuk manusia.

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