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Eight of the Best Swimwear Trends For 2018

>> Jan 11, 2018

A new year is almost upon us, so let's take a look at some of the swimwear trends that we should be preparing our bodies for as the summer approaches. It's time to have a look at the beachwear that our summer-loving counterparts are showing off so that when the weather gets warm where you are, you're ready to show off your body, whether in a bikini or beach dresses.

1) Sporty

The sportive look is becoming more popular every year - it's perhaps the only look that is. Whether you're a surf babe or a tomboy, the sporty look will suit you well. Even Beyonce has been seen in a long-sleeve rash guard. It's perfect for gym-wear and for surfing or paddle-boarding and the figure-hugging fabric makes you look good while still protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

2) Cut-out Bikinis

Cut-out pieces are something that anyone can wear if they pick the right cut. Cut-out swimwear has been in for a long time, but now cut-out bikini tops and bottoms are becoming popular too. With this design, you can decide for yourself how much you're comfortable showing off, whether that's just some little holes for style or something that is more in the realms of 'barely there' Remember, that the idea is that you pick something you're comfortable in - whatever style that might be.

3) The Crop Top

If you want something less revealing, but don't quite want to go the sportive way, then a crop-top is perfect. You can even get them with mesh if you want something a little sexier but that still keeps you covered. If you're considering going for a halter style bikini crop top then pick a bottom that is cut low-rise, because if you combine high rise with crop top this has the effect of making it look like you have a very short torso, which isn't always flattering.

4) Cute Crochet

Crochet bikinis are a classic that refuses to die out. Each year, the big brands give the crochet style a modern twist, so you can get a stunning bikini in an old-fashioned style that makes you look cute and timeless. You can make them even more modern by picking a crochet in a space-age material.

5) Funky Fabrics

Show off your sense of individuality with velvet, denim or a metallic cut, and then you're in for a really interesting bikini. You may not be able to swim in all of those materials, but if you're just looking for something to go tanning in then you can get great results - so why not try it?

6) Panelled Swimwear

Macrame is another great, flirty and fun addition - consider this a twist on crochet, and a great looking one at that. This is the sort of thing that you'd be more likely to wear off the beach, but it's still ideal for the bikini.

7) Strapless and Bold

Be bold with a strapless one-piece - this is something that flatters anybody, whether you're tall or short, slim or curvy. The bigger breasted among us may want to get something with underwire, but it all looks good!

8) Bikini wraps

A wrap top bikini is something that can flatter almost anyone too. Opt for the front cross wrap if you have a full figure, and thinner straps if you're smaller up front. There are variations for every body type, though, and with the right fit and cut you can even swim in this style. Just make sure that the straps are up to the job. There are plenty of other cuts and styles out there, so there's something for everyone. Be sure to try a few different colours and patterns, and remember to slather on some sun-block too as well to keep your skin in perfect condition. We hope that you're looking forward to getting out there on the beach as much as we are as the summer comes around!

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Yanto cungkup January 11, 2018 at 6:07 PM  

ternyata cukup banyak trend ditahun baru ini ya mbak

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