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How to Exfoliate Your Body and Face at Home

>> Jan 26, 2018

Exfoliation is defined as the process of removing dead skin cells that sit on the surface of your skin. And since the dead skin cells may deprive your skin of its normal glow, it is important that you exfoliate every once in a while. 

That said, if your skin is looking dry and keratinized, or you seem to have developed acne or black heads, you need to exfoliate. So, (please) keep reading for some useful tips and advice on how to do it the right way.

But before we jump right into it, it is important for you to understand that exfoliation is a great way of keeping the skin healthy and unsullied, but it is also a procedure that differs depending on your skin type. Not to worry though; we are here to teach you how to exfoliate your body and face for better results.

Body exfoliation
·         For you to exfoliate your body, you need to buy a natural bristled brush, an exfoliating sponge (or loofah), and a medically tested and approved exfoliating scrub. Depending on your tastes and preferences, go to a cosmetic store and pick an exfoliating brush that you like. You will also find the loofah and the exfoliating scrub in the cosmetic store.

·         When you get in the shower, start from the legs and work your way up your body. Make sure that you move the brush in circular motions, covering one small area after another. Do not forget to brush your back and arms as well.

·         Now, allow the shower to run over your skin for a minute or two and then using your exfoliating sponge, rub the scrub over your skin. While doing this, ensure that your skin is moist so that you get better results and reduce the chances of skin damage. After scrubbing, rinse your body well with warm (not hot) water because hot water dries up the skin.

Face exfoliation
·         Unlike the rest of the body, the face is extremely sensitive although the sensitivity might differ depending on the skin type. Nonetheless, for the face, ensure that you get a gentle cleanser and a soft wash cloth. Although some people use acidic cleansers, it is always advised that you go for the gentle ones, especially if it is your first time exfoliating.

·         After you have bought your cleanser, grab your wash cloth and head to the sink or bathroom. Now, wet your face with warm water to keep it moist. However, don’t just sprinkle warm water on your face. Wet the soft cloth with warm water and gently press it on the face for about 2 minutes.

·         After the two minutes, your pores will be open and your face ready for exfoliation. Squeeze the cleanser on the wash cloth and in circular motions,  rub your face with it. Keep the touch gentle because exfoliation does not require too much pressure. When you are done, rinse well with warm water and apply moisturizing cream immediately after the process.

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