Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

The A to Z of Damp Proofing Services Newcastle

>> Jan 3, 2018

Damp does not sound like a big problem unless you have seen its effects in your home. It does not only messes with the beauty of your home but also spoils the inner atmosphere of your house causing health issues such as stuffiness, throat-infection, irritation etc. So, before the winter knocks in and brings you the gift of dampness and condensation, get ready to keep that bad omen out of your house.

Here we are sharing some tips for keeping your house damp, condensation and mold-proof this winter. Let the winter come only with some romantic cuddling moments and not with the damp. So, lets figure out how to keep damp out this winter.

Immunize your house with damp proofing injection – The first and foremost task you need to do is to immunize your house with the damp proofing injection. The foam injected into your walls gets defused and react with the silica in the bricks and forms a water-repellent layer on the walls. Contact experts to get your home assessed and for any other needed how to keep damp out this winter

Dry clothes outside – Getting your house damp proofed does not give you the liberty to bring as much moisture as you want. In winters you’ll like to dry your clothes indoor on radiators but by doing so you will increase the moisture level inside the house many folds. So it’s better to hang your clothes outside. If you want to use tumble dryer for your clothes then make sure it is vented outside to let the moisture escape in the outer atmosphere.
Keep the temperature consistent with a heating thermostat – Damping and condensation can be easily avoided by keeping the house adequately heated. Use a heating thermostat for keeping the house at a consistent temperature. And, avoid paraffin heaters as they produce excess moisture.

Keep your house adequately ventilated – A good ventilation system allows excess moisture to escape out so make sure your house is adequately ventilated. Install extract fans in kitchen and bathrooms to extract out excess moisture from the place. You can also opt using products like condensation control units and dehumidifiers for any excess moisture you might have in your house.

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Let the air circulate in your house – Unknowingly and unintentionally you might be blocking the air circulation thus giving an invitation to damp. Make sure you regularly open drawers, closets, and cupboard to allow the air to flow. And, never overfill them as air needs some space to keep circulating. Similarly, you need to create gaps between walls and furniture giving room for air to circulate.

If your house has already been attacked by damp and molds then get them treated as soon as possible. And, after that follow the above-discussed tips as keeping moisture away is the only permanent solution to the problem.    

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