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Steps To Recovering From Alcohol and Substance Addiction

>> Jan 20, 2018

Addiction can develop over a period of time after using a substance over a long period. It has also been known to hit with the first use. It is a disease that grips the user with talons that cannot be pried off with a simple shrug. Most of the time, it requires high-level intervention.

It is common knowledge that every individual is unique. As such, their reaction to stimuli will be different. Even labour pain is not the same for every woman. Likewise, addiction affects different people in different ways. Some will get off it faster than others.

Rehabilitation centres recognize this fact and work with addicts as individuals; not as uniform entities. Recovery from addiction does not happen at once. You will hear an addict say, “I can stop whenever I want.” Help will only make sense to them once they recognise and acknowledge that it is not that easy.

Rehabilitation and recovery centres like Daylight Detox and Recovery work with addicts who have come to this realization.

Stages of Recovery

Recovery happens gradually and in at least these five stages
A.   The awakening
This is the very first stage. The addict realizes and accepts that they have a problem. This awakening may come from the self, but oftentimes, it is those close to them that make them aware. Deteriorating relationships or work performance and verbal confrontations about the issue may finally make it sink in. this can be said to be the most important stage in anaddict's life.

B.   Considering Taking Action
You have accepted that you have a problem and you are thinking about doing something about it. You accept that it has messed with your relationships, both family and friends; even at work. You have either lost your job, received several warnings or your performance is declining. Your finances are in a mess.

You start looking for information to learn about what you are going through and if there might be remedies. You may not have taken the leap yet, but you are headed there. This is great!

C.   Looking Into Recovery
Once you are past the point of downplaying your drug or alcohol dependency, you are ready to kick the habit and recover. You are tinkering with notions of recovery at this stage. You:

·         read about it
·         seek out people that have gone through it successfully
·         talk to friends and family and
·         actively consider checking into a rehabilitation facility.

D.   Early recovery
This is a very sensitive time.

  • You have stopped indulging and are learning how to live without the effects of the formerly abused substance.
  • You are trying to separate yourself from people and situations that were a large part of your life before.
  •  Relapsing is a very real threat at this time. Developing new skills and habits is of paramount importance.
  • Also important-reconciliation with loved ones and those you worked closely with.

E.   Full recovery and follow up
You have gone through the grind and come out on the other side smiling. You realise at this stage that this fight is not over. The threat looms over you for the rest of your life. You will need to work hard not to hold back and actively monitor your thought process. There is need for a strong support system and being aware of triggers.

Recovering from alcohol and substance addiction is not an easy process and should not be taken lightly, but the addict should check into a rehabilitation centre like Daylight Detox and Recovery for professional help.

3 komentar:

Djangkaru Bumi January 20, 2018 at 5:05 PM  

Berbicara atau lebih akrab pada keluarga. Agar kita lebih merasakan betapa kasih sayang dan perhatiannya keluarga.

Saleho January 22, 2018 at 9:11 AM  

di Indonesia, minum minuman beralkohol dianggap menyalahi hukum dan bisa di penjara
karena akibat selanjutnya sangat berbahaya, mabuk

Maya January 22, 2018 at 9:23 AM  

Saya mencoba memahami tulisan ini mohon maaf bahasa Inggris saya kurang bagus, bisa jadi saya salah memahaminya, yang pasti keinginan yang kuat dari pecandu alkohol itu sendiri dan dorongan dari orang-orang terdekat seperti keluarga utk lepas dari ketergantungannya pd barang tersebut

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