Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Try Hottest Hair Tones with Different Weave Colors

>> Jan 31, 2018

Changing hair color is one of favorite ways to get new look. No wonder there is a continuing increase of fashionable women who love to experiment with various hair colors. Last week we already discussed a bit about lighter tones of blonde which become trend again in 2018 and how to be a blondie easier with Maxglam hair products such as blonde weave and wigs. Different shades of light blonde are only a few tones that will be in style all along this year. According to an article that I read in goodhousekeeping.com, there are more than eighty hair color trends for 2018!
red bundles

This time let’s talk more about some unnatural, fantasy hair colors that still in and favored. Purple, burgundy, pink, red, blue and orange in various tones are here to give you amazing hair look. Some famous celebs mostly female singers ever appeared in bold colors like hot pink and bright red. They are not hesitant to make bold hair statements; you can do it too.

Unfortunately, getting new colored hair is not a fast and easy process. It takes hours of your time and the chemical ingredients might put your locks and scalp at risk. If you opt for easier and safer way, the desired hair color can be reached by installing Maxglam weave colors on your strands.  Do you want to look like Rihanna, Eve the rapper, Fantasia, Janet Jackson and Chaka Khan’s bright red heads? Go for red weaves to become a fiery read head, girls.
pink weave

Another popular bold color is pink hair which already occurred since few years ago and still loved by trendy pink lovers. Some famous singers in pink hair are Pink –of course- Katy Perry, Nicky Minaj, Gwen Stefani, Lily Allen and Kelly Osbourne. You can imitate their cute looks and make your own bold statement with the help of high quality Maxglam pink weave.  

Once you see the whole collection of Maxglam colored hair weaves that available in some trendiest colors, you will know that you can depend on the good features of each piece. Choose the shade that suits you and install the weaves without worries as it will look good on you!

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