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Find a Specialty Cat Care Clinic

>> Jan 9, 2018

It is important to find a cat friendly clinic for your pets so that the animals feel comfortable during routine examinations or emergency procedures. Veterinary care is vital for your pets, but cats require special treatments. When you find a clinic that understands the specialized care required for cats, your pet will feel calmer during an examination or treatment. Most veterinary clinics will provide emergency or routine care for a variety of animals, but this can lead to a cat that feels anxious.
cat friendly clinic
Keep Your Cat Calm

Cats have a high sense of smell, and when cats arrive at a typical animal clinic, it is subjected to an assortment of odors. In addition to the odor from dogs, your cat is subjected to the odor from reptiles and birds. This can lead to a cat that won't react appropriately with the veterinary staff. Instead of having a calm cat that is easy to examine or provide emergency care for, the veterinarians must cope with an angry animal that may scratch and bite.

Bring Your Cat To the Clinic In a Carrier

At our cat care clinic, we recommend bringing in an animal in a carrier that it is accustomed to riding in occasionally. To provide comfort for an anxious cat, make sure to place a blanket and toy in the carrier. If your cat is scheduled for a routine examination or treatment, then plan ahead by making sure that the animal is hydrated with water. However, you should avoid feeding your cat right before a visit to a cat care clinic. By not feeding a cat, you can avoid having an animal that is ill from motion sickness, and the cat is also less likely to regurgitate from anxiety during an examination.

Follow the Veterinarian’s Care Instructions

Make sure to have an appointment for your cat's routine appointments, and also, you should arrive for your appointment 15-minutes before your scheduled time. Check-in with the office staff to update your information such as address, telephone number and your cat’s medical history. Keep your cat in its carrier until it is time to talk to the veterinarian. The veterinarian may have you remain in the examination room, but you may need to stay in the waiting room instead. After your cat’s procedure or examination, you should follow the veterinarian’s instructions for care.

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