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Teachergive Sale 2023

Reasons to Get Blonde with Blonde Wigs and Bundles

>> Jan 17, 2018

blonde lace front wig
Nowadays stylish women like to experiment with hair colors to refresh their look. Some are not hesitant to get a totally new appearance and some others just want to have a bit of style change. Among the hottest hair color trends in 2018, blonde hair is never going away. There are different shades of lighter blonde that will be hit all along this year but platinum blonde is the one which lots of women have a crush on. Unfortunately platinum blonde is not good for every body, thus make sure first whether this tone suits you or not. If you have paler or cool skin tones, try darker shades of blonde instead such as golden and honey. Those who have redness in their skin or warm complexion can opt for new look in platinum blonde. The next step is; how you will get this blonde; do you plan to bleach and color your strands or just install the Maxglam blonde weave?

Let’s say that you plan to perform the hair coloring.  Girls, there are things that you should know before.

-Make sure that your hair is healthy. Prepare a clean and healthy base to support the color last longer.  Wash your strands with a clarifying shampoo before it started.

-Hair colorists said that platinum blonde is a tone that not easy to reach moreover if your natural hair is in dark color. You will go through hours bleaching and dyeing process that involves chemical ingredients that might harm your strands or cause an allergic reaction. The full process might take the whole of your day so you must have the required time.
-Blonde hair needs lots of effort and money to keep the good look.  You have to care the locks with special products for color treated hair. Since hair grows, you need to retouch the roots every 6-8 weeks. The color treatment is not cheap and surely not suitable for busy women. Think about how much money that you have to spend to maintain perfect the shade.
blonde weave
If it turns out that you don’t have time and money to keep the look, skip the plan and go for easier way with using Maxglam hair products.

-For busy women who have no time for a few hours application as needed for installing hair bundles on your strands, cheap blonde wigs that available at Maxglam could be the best option as these pieces offer instant result, simplicity, convenience, comfort, flexibility, durability and of course, natural look.  

Once you wearing a blonde wig, voila, in minutes, you become a blondie! Anyway, no need to have commitment with this blonde hair as you can change the style once you removing it and applying the other wig. With wigs, you can get new look as often as you want.

-Besides wigs, you can also apply blonde bundles with closure to get the whole new blonde look that seems like your own locks. Maxglam hair bundles have flawless natural finish so no need to worry to install them on your strands. You can be a blondie for 4-6 weeks and then you should remove the hair pieces to give rest your real hair before becoming a blondie again.

Well, the decision is yours, girls. Make your decision based on your needs, purpose, budget, lifestyle and preference.

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