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Teachergive Sale 2023

How to Select The Right Material for Your Temporary Construction Tent?

>> Jan 3, 2018

Construction tents serve as protective shelters and storage units. They need to be strong and dependable. They should be able to inspire a sense of safety and security among your employees. In addition to all these qualities, they should be easy to assemble and break down, without eating into the project time. Therefore, right now, the top construction companies prefer fabric tents that are mobile and cost-effective.

Just like the priorities and necessities of each company, the structure and building material of each tent can vary. The fabric weight and the coating should ideally differ according to the weather conditions, specific requirements and budgets of different construction agencies. It brings us to the most critical question — how should a designer pick the material for his construction tent? To answer this question, we first need to address a few other issues.

What will be the function of this tent?

Do you need a camping tent or a sun tent? A sun tent needs rubberized fabric that can breathe. A camping tent needs a PVC plastic coating on the fabric. The ideal construction tent should come with a layer on both sides of the fiber to provide optimum protection from the weather and mechanical damage.

Is your area or site susceptible to microbial growth?

There are certain climates and specific weather conditions that facilitate the growth of microbes on fabric. It can cause the fabric to wear down and allow water, dust and other irritants to enter the tent space. Machines and equipment can face damage from exposure to these elements. It also poses a severe risk to the health of your employees. You must speak with your manufacturer to ensure that the fiber of your choice is microbe retardant before you proceed with construction.

Is your fiber of choice flame-retardant?

Construction sites are not always safe. That is precisely why your tent material needs to be fire retardant. The fiber needs to have a protective coating that can restrict the spread of flames. Many construction sites deal with wielding and soldering. That puts any tent and its contents in immediate danger. Always talk to your manufacturer about the kind of flame retardants and fireproofing material they use before you commission their services for the safety of your employees and your equipment.

Have you found out about the costs?

No matter which fiber you choose and what kind of tent structure you pick, your construction tent should not cause the budget to explode. Construction tents should be able to support a project and help the construction agency meet their deadlines within budget. Instead of beating about the bush, you need to talk to the manufacturer directly about the cost of each variant. Some of the old-school types involve considerable maintenance cost, and you need to inquire thoroughly about the overheads before you rent your tent for the construction site.

Several research materials can help you find out all you need to know to pick the best construction tent for your company.

Author bio:  Robert Kramer is an active member of some of the leading engineering and innovative technology groups that work on optimizing safety construction tent structures for construction sites. 

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