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Features to Consider When Seeking the Perfect Location for Your Short Film

>> Jan 9, 2018

Creating a film of any type requires careful selection of the location where you will shoot the scenes. Finding the best location should therefore be at the core of preparing to film the movie. The location is important as it helps to support the story you want to tell. It also offers an attractive backdrop for your short film, therefore making it more interesting.

Your choice of location requires careful consideration. The process of making the final decision of the location is dependent on a number of factors. You need to check the features of the location with respect to the factors that affect the outcome of the movie as a whole. It is possible to find perfect locations.

You can start with familiar locations that are within your reach if you are on a budget. You can also find locations that are open to movie producers such as yourself. You can find online sites such as photoshootlocations.com that help to link property owners with the film industry. You can easily type in the search parameters of your ideal location and get a list of possible properties.

When choosing a location, consider the following:

The characters

The location you pick should help in building the characters you have in the short film. If your character is a cook, for example, you may want to shoot his or her scenes in a kitchen perhaps. A rich and powerful character will need a mansion or an opulent office to show off these characteristics. The location should help in bringing together the story that you want to tell. It is therefore important you find a location that allows you to do this.

The scene

The scene should go together with the location you film it in. For example, a romantic evening should have the best location to portray this. It could be a scene you want to shoot at the park with the couple strolling, or it can be a restaurant or dining room that brings the idea of a romantic dinner. The location you choose should therefore match the scene that you will shoot at for it to support the story you are trying to tell.

Lighting and other factors that affect filming

The location should make your filming process easier. If it will be hard for the filming crew to shoot the movie, then you need to reconsider. Consider issues such as lighting, camera angles and the like. If you really need to use the location, then you may have to see if you need to bring in additional equipment such as additional lighting or cranes for the cameraman.

If you are on a tight budget, you may have to reconsider and either change locations or find a way around the difficulties. You can opt to use a different camera size perhaps, change positions of the scene or shoot at a certain time of the day when the lighting is just perfect. The perfect location may also be problematic and you just have to find a solution in order to end up with a perfect film.

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