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Teachergive Sale 2023

How To Boost Productivity With An Efficient Office Fitout Design

>> Jan 5, 2018

People in the workforce spend a significant amount of time in the office. So, it would only be fitting to ensure that they have an environment where they can work comfortably. They should have a workplace that is welcoming and visually appealing.

It may be overwhelming to develop and design your workspace as the process requires thorough planning and consideration. You have to ensure that you are choosing a design that will be beneficial for your employees and your business. So, it is advisable to get professional help and service from a trusted building company. 

However, it still pays to have some knowledge on office fit outs. Acquiring this information helps you decide which works best for your budget and preferences. In this article, you will get some fit out design tips that will help you boost productivity in the office.

Benefits of Well-Designed Office Fitouts

There are many advantages to having an office fit out design that has been strategically planned and developed. Here are some of them:


Increase Productivity and Employee Morale

You can have an office fitout design that is conducive to work. At the same time, you can add downtime spaces where employees can interact with each other and relax. Doing so will boost employee morale, as well as encourage people to enjoy working at your company. A lot of small and large companies these days are investing money and time into supporting the needs of their employees. Consequently, they enjoy increased productivity levels.


Improved Business Performance

There are companies which business performance relies heavily on employee output. In this case, having a good office fit out design is highly important. When you have a satisfied and happy team, you can enjoy better productivity and consequently a good boost on your business performance. Having a good office design allows you to transform a gloomy and tired workspace into an area of inspiration and motivation.


Effective Branding and Cultivating Culture

If you want to enhance your business brand and inculcate your core values to your employees, you can effectively do so through a good office fit out design. You can develop a workspace that reflects the nature of your business, supporting every departmental need. Apart from your staff, your business partners and clients may frequently visit your office. So, it is important to ensure that you have an office fit out that is inviting and visually appealing. Take this as an opportunity to reinforce your unique brand.

Office Fit Out Design Tips for Boosting Productivity


Layout that Encourages Comfortable and Efficient Labour

You may be choosing a design for a medium or large firm with several departments. In this case, it would be advisable to divide the workspace, allowing each department to have an area of their own. When you place like-minded people with the same goals, tasks and clients together in the same environment, you are boosting productivity. Your employees can efficiently collaborate and motivate each other to achieve your business goals.

You can put up dividers to create whole new rooms for every department. When you improve the flow of your office, you can lessen the stress and frustrations in the workplace. At the same time, you can also immensely improve the function of the whole office.

Colours that Inspires Productivity

The colours you choose for your office fit out also affects your business performance. It is advisable to choose a scheme that inspires creativity and productivity. Studies have revealed how colours can be associated with certain emotions and behaviours. With the ideal colour palette, you will be able to elicit the right response from your employees and clients.

Creating the right atmosphere with certain tones and hues can inspire better employee performance. Instead of using dull and bland colours, it would be better to use shades that are stimulating and vibrant.

However, the scheme you choose still depends on the mood you would want to evoke. If you want to inspire creativity, it would be best to consider shades of orange. If you want a calmer and cooler environment for people in high pressure roles, it would be best to choose hues of blue. So, make sure you carefully select the colours for your business.

Simple Design for Lower Stress Levels

It is true that having a good fit out design allows you to inspire creativity and productivity in the workspace. However, be careful not to lean towards ‘too much design,’ having the patterns and colours clashing. For instance, if you choose a vibrant, three-toned carpet or a striking neon wall, the design might adversely impact your productivity. More often, overly designed office fit outs may be distracting to employees.

The same is true for adding items to your workspace. When there are too many items, excessive colours and patterns around the area, it can be difficult for employees to stay focused and productive. A cluttered space results to a cluttered mind. So, it is advisable to keep things simple while evoking class and style.

What’s important is you find a balance between beauty and simplicity. By carefully choosing your colours and reducing clutter around the workspace, you can let your employees thrive and inspire better productivity levels.

Better Mood with the Right Lighting Scheme

People often overlook lighting when deciding on their office fit out design. However, it is something that significantly affects the mood and productivity in any workspace. When you have too many bright lights around the office, they can cause irritability, headaches, fatigue and eyestrain. On the other hand, not having enough lights can lower the mood of your employees. In general, there are four factors you have to consider when choosing the lights for your home:

  • Lighting position – Make sure that you evenly space every light apart, allowing an even spread of brightness across the entire work area.
  • Type of bulbs – When choosing bulbs for your office, it is ideal to consider halogen lights which efficiently mimics the look of natural daylight. Another good and common option are fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Brightness of bulbs – For bulb brightness, it is advisable to choose products that offer around 3,000 to 6,000 lumens.
  • Natural daylight – It would be best to open curtains or blinds during certain periods of the day to allow natural light in.

Organised Workspace

If you want to inspire productivity around the office, it is advisable to have an organised workspace. You can do this by having lockers, cabinets and shelves. Every person working in your company directly and significantly affects your business performance. So, it is essential to equip them with enough storage space which makes their tasks a lot easier and convenient.

If you have a small office space, you will still find a number of storage solutions that will help you reduce clutter. Install customised lockers, cupboards, and shelves that ideally meet your spatial requirements.

There are many ways you can boost productivity in the workplace. What is important is to ensure that your employees are working in a comfortable and visually appealing environment. After all, they are the key to the success of your business.

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