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10 funniest reasons of kids crying all the time – A must read

>> Apr 7, 2018

Indeed, kids are the sign of innocence. However, when they decide to cry out of no reason, they can drive you crazy.  Sometimes kids find an opportunity to cry that an adult person would find very naïve and funny as well. In our daily life we see a lot of text messages consisting many memes about children that make kids more loveable .These so cute and adorable habits of children creating a sensation in the world of social media. Mostly we ask trivial questions to children just to make them happy but their answers are even sweeter .If we make a list of reasons that cause children to cry for, these can be funniest reasons ever.

  1. First of all and very common reason to cry is that whenever kids feel like hungry that feel the easiest way of survival technique is crying at their loud .
  2. It could be one of the reasons, when children are told to do what does not reflect their interest and see it as their enemies.
  3. On social media, many memes are circulating about the kids which shows children crying for no reasons, people find it extremely because apparently crying for no reasons make people wonder but there is a secret behind it as when children cry at loud, it helps like exercising and they fall asleep quickly after that. In addition it is quiet helpful in their growth.
  4. Over the last decade, sms about children weeping were so common and individuals also using the kid’s innocence as a tool of joy because they answer you honestly about everything what they feel.
  5. Often, kids cry when their favorite toy broke down and they don’t want to replace it with any other.
  6. Sometimes, children start crying when they are not allowed to do a thing which does not fit their age and they insist to do it.
  7. When you ask a trivia question but if they find it absurd they will cry at loud.
  8. When someone says a big NO to them, it will bring ears the next minute. I seems as children are allergic to the word No, they don’t even want to hear in any case.
  9. Whenever children are forced to take any medicine, it will cause distress for them.
  10. Kids can weep if they realize that their parents are not around.

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