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Tips for Planning an Easter Egg Hunt Party

>> Apr 11, 2018

An Easter egg hunt party is a fun and inexpensive way for kids and even adults to have some fun. After being cooped up all winter, it is a good time to have some outdoor fun with family and friends. Here are some tips to make planning for your Easter egg hunt party easy and smooth.
       Find a gated space.
Gated spaces are the best for parties that involve kids. It can be a very large yard or a local community garden or park. With gated spaces, kids can roam around and you can worry less. If you can’t find one, set clear boundaries to keep everyone in check and in place.

       Set the date weeks before the party.
Pick a date that works for all the participants and the organizers. One tip is to keep it out of Easter Sunday, so participating families still get to do family events.

       Do not forget about allergies.
Mark the eggs that contain known allergens to some kids in the group. Let the older kids and grownups look out for the marked eggs if the participating child has allergies.

       Collect the eggs in advance.
You can require each participating family to donate at least a dozen eggs with treats. Then one week before the egg hunt party, collect the eggs, or set up an egg drop-off event. You can organize several drop-off events to cater to the different schedules of the participating families.

       Set the hunt in the afternoon.
By having the hunt in the afternoon, you have plenty of time to hide the eggs in the morning. Hiding more than 300 eggs can take time, and there is no need to rush yourself. Having time allows you to find sweet hiding places for those eggs.

       Group the kids by age.
Kids of different ages play differently. Send hunting parties in waves by age groups. Let the youngest go first. Toddlers are normally done hunting within 20 minutes. Let the older kids do the real hunting after the little ones had their share of the hunting fun.

       Plan for some family fun and bonding.
After the egg hunt, some people will want to linger. You can have a simple potluck where everyone can bring a little something to share. You can serve little sandwiches - tuna, egg salad, and ham and cheese, and juice in pouches. It is the perfect time for everyone to socialize, where the kids can play and roam and the parents can have real and meaningful conversations.

       Save the props and the eggs.
Save the props and the eggs for next year’s egg hunting party! This way, you can save money and time on some errands.

Planning for Easter egg hunt parties need not be overwhelming. It requires only a modest investment, but the joy it brings to everyone is priceless. Do not hesitate to ask for help from other parents if you need a hand. Older kids can also help in the preparation. On the day of the hunt, do not forget to have some fun, too!

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