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14 Interesting Ways to Deal with Emotional Pain in a healthy Way

>> Apr 19, 2018

Anger and sadness are emotional problems that all of mankind suffer. We all go through seasons that are painful and hurt us so deeply that sometimes wounds are left to heal.  Most times this anger does not find a way to get healed if we do not find the right way to deal with it.

Dealing with emotions can be tough, especially because these emotions come so often and sometimes you are unable to control them. There is one approved healthy way to deal with emotional pain and anger, and this is art therapy also called as “Art as Therapy”. 
This therapy helps the individual understand the need to be free from their pain and how to get that freedom. There are ways to cause this emotional turmoil end by using art as a therapeutic method. These exercises have been proven to help in management of these emotions. 

These exercises include:

  1. Creating an emotional wheel – Use color to critically think about your emotions and give each emotion a color that matches them.
  2. Draw or paint your emotions – In this exercise, focus entirely on painting what you are feeling.
  3. Make a meditative painting – Meditative painting allows you to bring out the inside of you even without having any experience. It fuels a desire to relax and become more creative.
  4.  Start a journal – Journals are not based around words. You can make an art journal that visually expresses your emotions.
  5. Explore puppet therapy – Puppets are not just for kids; you can use them to act out scenes that makes you upset. 
  6. Design a postcard that is personal – When you are angry with someone in your life, create a postcard that will express the anger though you don’t have to ever send it.
  7.  Use line art – Line art is one of the simplest and most basic aspects of art but it also contains lots of emotion. Using simple line art demonstrates how you are feeling visually. 
  8.  Create a family sculpture – Make a clay representation of each member – mother, father, siblings and any other close family members who are influential family members.
  9.  Paint a mountain and a valley – The mountain can represent a time when you are happy and the valley when you are sad. You can add on to elements that reflect specific events that are happening.
  10. Collage a heart – Collaging your childhood memories is a great way to remember both good and bad memories and help you heal from them. 
  11.  Paint to music – Letting your creativity flow to respond to music is a great way to let out feelings and relax.
  12.  Finger print – Getting your hands messy and spreading the paint around is fun for adults too and allows you to ascertain your worth.
  13. Make a scribble drawing – A simple scribble can be turned into something beautiful using line, color and your personal creativity.
  14. Draw with your eyes closed – This exercise allows you to draw what you are feeling without seeing the actual picture until you are finished. It helps you loosen up and have fun!

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