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Why We Love Bands (And You Should Too!)

>> Apr 25, 2018

Music and music styles have changed over the years but one thing has stayed common all through time – music bands. We all remember that one band that left us moist eyed after they declared that they were splitting up. As much as we hate our favorite bands going their separate ways, some of our best memories are associated with a (or some) song(s) sung by such bands. Music bands have left teenagers and adults all starry-eyed and they have had them screaming themselves hoarse. So if you are one of those who do not understand the hype, we have devised a list of why we love bands and you should too!
Read on to know why bands enjoy such great popularity.

Bands mark an era

Whether you have listened to The Beatles, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin or are into Backstreet Boys, ‘N SYNC, and Destiny’s Child, or you could be a newbie who is still exploring Fifth Harmony, Lady Antebellum, and One Direction; everyone has that one band they can listen to endlessly. Every generation produces at least one band that has everyone swooning. The kind of music that is produced by these bands is also a reflection of the times when such bands were active. From ‘God Save The Queen’ by Sex Pistols to ‘American Idiot’ of Green Day, songs become a narrative of the time period and the social, political, or economic status. Similarly, the type of music is also a characteristic trait of the era.

They unite us

No matter what time, style, or era, bands have had one thing common: they become the common link that unites people from various countries having different backgrounds. Imagine finding out that the new kid in your neighborhood likes the same band as you do! The bands have become ice breakers. Joining or becoming a part of fan clubs will assist you in socializing and at the same time you can easily get in touch with other followers of the band and strike up friendships with like-minded people. With social media and internet acting as a platform for young fans to connect, the fan bases have become a force to reckon. Fan fervor is possibly at its peak with followers getting the opportunity to directly contact their favorite idols. Furthermore, a single hate comment against the band is enough to spark an outrage against the guilty party. Thus, in just one stroke, you can have the cluster of people united.

Everyone gets something

Whether you like a performer who makes an intellectual statement or an artist that has a sense of humor along with their talent, bands are a cocktail of all kinds of people. This gives you a variety that strikes the perfect balance that even the best-rounded individual artist cannot achieve. You could have the cute one and the awkward one all in the same band and they would both have a chemistry and hence they fit in the same band. Naturally, some members outshine the others but you have at least one person you can relate with in all your various moods. So no matter what you feel or what you are going through, there will be one person in the entire band who you could call your own.

Band wars

In every generation, a bunch of bands grab the limelight for their music, thereby setting off the band wars. The followers of the band enjoy pitting one band against the other. Whether it is Destiny’s Child versus Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys versus Boyz II Men, every band enjoyed a cult status with fan base claiming that their band is the best. And who can forget Metallica and Megadeth trying to form a supergroup? In fact, some of the greatest music of all times was made with the collaboration of bands with various artists (Psst! David Bowie and Queen) and other bands!

Bands serve a slice nostalgia

Like we said before, each band is symbolic of a certain era signifying a particular portion of our life. Whether it is music as an outlet for our teenage angst or the romantic song playing in the background during the very first date, every music and band can help you relive those moments. Some classic songs act as time machines that can transport you back in those days. Imagine the blast of nostalgia when your favorite band plays their song 10 years after the song was released!

The all-in-one complete package

Every band member holds a special place in the band and contributes a distinct factor. Whether it is by touching the high notes that nobody else does or the slick dance moves that has everyone’s eyes glued to the performance, when their individual talents are combined, they produce something that is extraordinarily spectacular. Not just in the aesthetic sense, even when it comes to producing music there is a great amount of talent from the bass player to the lead vocalist. There is diversity in the musical instruments that come together to create a melody. Bands have that variety that you would find lacking in a solo artist.

Bands smell like team spirit

Band members spend a great amount of time together, making them almost like family. The tours, jam sessions, and rehearsals result in the band members spending a chunk of their time together. Gradually, they end up forming a brotherhood or a sisterhood that makes them a well-oiled machine capable of titillating the fans. Hence, every album or single is like a peek into this ‘oneness’ that the bands possess. The same feeling of togetherness seeps into the band followers who are tied together by the thread of the team spirit.

Bands are more open to evolving

The evolution of a band could be due to various reasons. It could be because of an altercation that has led to a band member leaving and being replaced by another. New members to the band add a new flavor. We have often seen band members moving from one band to the other and this, in one way or the other, changes the band’s style of music. On the other hand, this evolution could be because of experimentation that goes right. Bands are always trying out something new to please their fans and this grand effort could lead them to exploring completely new genres of music. Compared to individual performers, bands have a greater range and scope with trying out new genres and kinds of music. If you are a Linkin Park fan, you may have noticed the gradual change that took place within the band with the passage of time. The band transitioned from nu metal music to hip hop, rap rock, and electronica music almost seamlessly.

Flawless Chemistry and Coordination in Live Concerts

Hitting the right notes at the right time when there are a bunch of people involved requires a great amount of coordination. Plus, choreographed moves are hard to pull off without the chemistry that band members have with each other. We love the chemistry that the band members have with each other. Furthermore, watching all the magic happening during a concert is even more awe-inspiring and exciting!

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