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A Guide to Tracing Your Ancestry

>> Apr 7, 2018

Although some people believe that ancestry or genealogy is irrelevant, several other people understand its essence and will do anything to know more about their bloodline as well as the factors associated with it. If you fall into the latter group of people, this guide will help you understand the best, most affordable and quickest methods to know more about your bloodline, their procedures and benefits.

Currently, technological advancement has provided different methods of tracing ancestry; however, Ancestry and 23andMe are two of the most popular companies offering various services that can be depended on (click here for an in-depth guide).


Ancestry DNA test comes in different forms such as Y chromosome test, mitochondrial DNA test,and autosomal DNA test. The Y chromosome test ensures that the patrilineal ancestry of a man is explored directly. Mitochondrial DNA test utilizes the knowledge of mitochondria to explore the matrilineal heritage of a person while autosomal DNA test can be used for both men and women to track all the family lines.

With the aid of this test, you can easily understand if there are living persons that you are related to by blood. Rather than depending on surnames or other unscientific evidence, Ancestry DNA test will provide substantial information that you can easily count on.This goes beyond merely tracing the ancestry to know one’s lineage; it can be very helpful in shedding more lights on the health situations of the person being tested. Therefore, people can use this test to improve their health conditions as well as their general quality of life.

Furthermore, unlike what it used to be in the past when DNA tracing was rare and expensive, Ancestry has made DNA test to be more affordable and readily available. Through the provision of affordable DNA mapping, Ethnic Mix Profiling and DNA matches from Ancestry, you can now find out more information about yourself and your ancestors.


Another company offering varying services that help individuals to trace their ancestry is 23andMe. Just as in the case of Ancestry, 23andMe provides high-quality services that ensure that individuals can understand more about their ancestors and also get more useful information about their health. A few of the services provided by 23andMe are Y-chromosome ethnic male tracing, raw DNA mapping, mixed-race profiling, top surname matches, maternal line origin, paternal line origin, and Neanderthal percentage.

Primarily, 23andMe provides more assistance in terms of information about health conditions of the persons being tested; hence, its services can be used to make sure that necessary actions are taken to avoid future health problems. The health information you can get from 23andMe includes health indices, traits, and the reaction of your body to certain substances as well as your predisposition to specific diseases.

In conclusion, both 23andMe and Ancestry offer comprehensive information everyone needs to get more information about their lineage as well as the health conditions associated with such lineage. Therefore, if you would like to know more about yourself and ancestry, the services of these companies are your best bet.

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