Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Protecting Important Livestock Investments on Your Ranch

>> Apr 12, 2018

The livestock that you keep on your ranch are more than just pets or show animals.  They also are important investments that play a role in your net worth. 

Their value contributes to what kind of income you have at your disposal as well as what kind of collateral is on hand if you need bank financing.  You cannot afford to lose a single one to theft, illness, or other disasters.

Because of how much they are worth to you, it could make sense for you to insure them.  You can go online to start a policy, get a horse insurance quote, and find out the terms and limitations for the protection today.

horse insurance quote

Shopping for Insurance Based on Specifics of the Asset

The quote you will receive from the company will depend solely on what kind of animals you want to protect with this insurance.  The company specializes in insuring a variety of animals and livestock including dogs, cows, and horses.  Each one comes with its own unique set of liabilities and assets.

With that, you will be asked to provide specific details about the animals you want to insure.  To start, the company needs to know information like type, breed, size, and primary purpose of the livestock.  A show horse, for example, may be worth more to you than a horse you use for agricultural or ranching purposes like rounding up cattle.

Second, the insurer will ask for what purpose you want to insure the horse.  Do you want to protect it from theft or from illness, lightning strikes, and other natural disasters?

Once it has this information, the company can then give you a quote for how much the horse can be insured.  It will also tell you how much the premiums will cost and for how long the initial policy can be issued.

Insuring your livestock and farm animals makes sense when they factor into your total net worth.  You can get quotes for policies, find out for how much a policy can be issued, and start the insurance today by going online to the company's website.

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