Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Personalizing a Design Trend

>> Apr 13, 2018

Every year new design trends emerge. Magazines, television programs and numerous online sites provide examples of what the newest trend entails. Typically, those looking to update their décor or decorate their new home will select certain elements from those designs to include in their home. When decorating a room for the first time, keep in mind that it’s more budget-friendly to update accessories and change paint color that to replace furniture.

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Paint Color

When the 2018 color trends were revealed, neutrals and white were no longer the most popular choice of color. More intense colors such as blue, orange, turquoise, reddish purple and various shades of green emerged.  Pastel colors also began making an appearance. A combination of bold and subdued colors became one of the most prominent changes in 2018.

Lighting Trend

It is now quite trendy to incorporate warm metals into your modern décor. Modern lighting florida has an abundance of metallic lighting options that can become a dramatic element in your modern décor. They also have metallic lighting that is subtle and ideal for creating a serene atmosphere in a room. Vintage lighting with an industrial vibe is still a popular choice of lighting for a modern décor. Casual, contemporary and nature-inspired lighting is also a trendy form of lighting for a modern home.

Modern Furniture Trends

Modern sofas and chairs are no longer composed of rigid, straight lines. They're curvaceous, shapely and visually soothing. If you still prefer chairs with defined lines, round tables and tables with smooth corners can soften the appearance of the room.


Texture plays a big role in modern decors. You can bring in texture with upholstery, flooring, wall art and accessories such as rugs, pillows and window treatments. Natural and organic materials are an excellent resource for textural items.

Keep in mind as you make decorative decisions and buy items for your modern décor that your comfort should be a top priority. Its fine to incorporate some trendy ideas into your home, but ultimately your home should reflect your personality and accommodate your lifestyle.

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