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Teachergive Sale 2023

10 Simple Tips That Enable You to Eat Healthier No Matter How Busy You Are

>> Apr 3, 2018

Busy is everyone’s language in today’s life!  Most busy professionals are too busy to even think about eating.  Your body needs energy to keep working. If you deny it, then you will get poor results both at work and in your health.  
All hope is not lost; there are still a few things you can do to keep yourself healthy while going through your day.  You simply need a few changes here and there and you have your health life under control.

Simple Steps that will work on your overall health
1.   Never ever skip breakfast – A bad habit of running out of your house to catch that early meeting causes you to skip breakfast every day.  Breakfast skipping is linked to an increase in diabetes and obesity risks.  Healthy breakfast ideas that require less than 10 minutes should become your friend.
2.   Make your food convenient – Most likely you have little or no time to stop by a grocery, store especially during your work week.  That does not mean you should not eat well for the entire work week but it means you can find convenient means of getting you healthy meals.  You may dial food delivery services that offer quality nutritious foods, saving you a trip to the restaurant and back.  You may also have farm-fresh produce, eggs, meat and milk delivered to your house for easier access.
3.   Now take time to eat that food you ordered – Multitasking is your waistline’s biggest enemy.  Get into the habit of standing up from your chair and seating down to focus on your meal.  If you can go outside to enjoy some fresh air as you eat, even better.  You will enjoy your lunch and return to your desk feeling refreshed.   
4.   Think in advance – If you know your day at the office will be long, then think ahead and prepare for it.  Setting aside time over the weekend to cook and store some foods will also help you during your busy weeks.  Invest in quality refrigerating containers that keep your food in perfect quality. 
5.   Arm yourself with a grab and go snacks – You should never be unprepared!Always keep a healthy snack within reach; a granola bar, a box of raisins, an apple etc.
6.   Meet and eat – Socializing during meal times has major health benefits.  Being a loner has never worked for anyone.  Schedule lunch meetings as much as possible to enjoy a good midday meal with company.  Add serious laughter to your meals and see the miracle of meeting and eating. 
7.   Stay well watered – It is well known that dry plants die.  It happens to you also.  Water is highly important and a part of good health.  Consider having a water cooler in the office to make it easy to stay hydrated all through the day. 
8.   Choose healthy options in the restaurant – Don’t just eat anything because you are hungry, rather eat healthy.  Don’t settle for greasy food options; though they smell and taste great, they bring lifetime problems.
9.   Shop wisely – Fresh produce like dairy, meats, poultry, eggs and greens should make the majority of your food shopping.  Keep away from preservative-filled foods!
10.  Choose quality – Ensure that your diet has nutrient-stuffed foods that enable your body to thrive.  Avoid sugar and empty calories; instead focus on whole meals.  

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