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What to Consider for Your Unforgettable Halibut Fishing Adventure

>> Apr 12, 2018

There are few things that are as exciting and as adventurous as chartering a fishing boat and going halibut fishing Seward Alaska. Before you head out into the ice-cold waters, however, peruse through these tips so that you can make the most of this fishing adventure of a lifetime.

halibut fishing seward Alaska

1. Don't forget the chum. Most halibut in Alaska are caught while the vessel is anchored. By anchoring, the boat is able to remain in the vicinity of a good halibut hole. By using the chum bag, it creates a strong and lasting scent for the halibut to become attracted to.

2. It is no secret among fishermen that halibut love herring. What many do not realize is that there are specific cuts of herring which should be used. Many fishermen try and use the whole herring or herring steaks, thinking that bigger is always better. Yet experts agree that herring fillets actually give off more of a scent and get the halibut to react far more aggressively. 

3. Try using salmon as bait. Some cities in Alaska are renowned for using salmon as bait in the halibut fishing excursions. Make sure to try and mix up the use of salmon and herring as it is commonly believed once halibut zero in on salmon, they tend to ignore other types of bait.

4. Be patient once the halibut start biting at the line. If the line is pulled up too quickly, there is a strong possibility that the hook will slip through the mouth of the fish. Wait until the tip of the rod is bent over and then proceed to lift up to ensure proper catching of the halibut.

By following these easy to remember tips, the halibut fishing excursion will easily be at the top of experiences that one remembers in their lifetime.

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