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Teachergive Sale 2023

Tips on How to Do Simple Concrete Repairs on Your Home Yourself

>> Apr 24, 2018

Cracked concrete is an eyesore and you want to get it fixed as soon as you possibly can. You can take care of simple cracks yourself or you can hire a repair company to handle the repairs for you. 
Should you decide to go the DIY way, you will need tools and materials to work with. Get armed with these and you are set to go to work:


Ø  A concrete float
Ø  A jointer
Ø  A sledgehammer
Ø  Chisel
Ø  Wide brush
Ø  Broom
Ø  Trowel


Ø  A latex bonding agent
Ø  Concrete mix
Ø  Sand

Patching cracks

There are many concrete repair companies that can give you a crash course on how to dosimple repairs on your cracked concrete walls. Of course they can also do the repairs for you if you prefer, but if you are looking for something to do over a long break, this as good as anything. You will be able to look at your wall with a sense of accomplishment and say, “I did that myself.”

The technique for filling in cracks depends on how small or big the crack is.

1.   Narrow cracks
Ø  You will need a wire brush and broom to clean the crack and the surrounding area.
Ø  Fill the crack with masonry crack filler or a vinyl concrete patching compound and smooth over with a putty knife.

2.   Wide cracks
Ø  Undercut the edges of the crack using the sledgehammer and chisel to make the crack wider at the base than the surface. This way, you will be able to keep the patch in place more securely and the repair work will be permanent.
Ø  Using the wire brush and broom, clean the inside and outside of the crack with a stream of water.
Ø  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to mix the vinyl patching compound and fill in the crack using a trowel.
Ø  Remove air pockets by tamping the mixture.
Ø  If you prefer to use patching mortar, you can either mix it with a bonding agent in place of water, or use the bonding agent to coat the edges of the place to be repaired.
Ø  Using the trowel, smooth the mixture.
Ø  Depending on the patch you have used and following the manufacturer's instructions, smooth or brush the surface until it matches the surrounding area.

Watch out!

Follow safety precautions all the time. While using the sledgehammer or chisel, you should be decked out in:
Ø  Safety glasses
Ø  Gloves
Ø  Long sleeves
Ø  Long pants

Otherwise, you will find yourself nursing some serious bruises if not a fractured finger or two. Aside from these, you also need to ensure that your work area is safe after you are through with the repairs.
Ø  Chisel down any sharp edges left from your repairs.
Ø  Sweep away any loose debris left around the area.

You do not want your clothes caught on sharp edges or to step on some sharp stone.

Remember to check in with concrete repair companies near you not only for tools and materials, but also for expert advice on how to carry out the repairs, the safety measures to observe as well as how to ensure that your repair work lasts.

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